Wednesday, December 27

The River Kitchen @ Hamilton, New Zealand

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I was in love with the Saturday without crowded or busy vehicle on the road. The weather is cool enough and the sun is good on this day. Even you are sitting outdoor having your breakfast in this morning you will not feel fretful like in Malaysia.

The cafe was awarded by Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, and also won few award from Cafe Magazine Annual Cafe Awards since year 2008. They been voted 'Best Cafe New Zealand 10/11'.

This day, I strongly feel to craving egg benedict and pick this for my day.

Baked eggs with spinach, yogurt harissa and Turkish bread at NZ$16.50. Add another NZ$5.50 for chorizo sausage or bacon. They are using free range eggs where it is good health to eat yet. I have choose vegetarian for my egg benedict, of course you can add meat sausage or bacon if you want.

Honestly the food portion they prepared is great enough for Western people. But for me is too much and I was started full when I finish for two-third. At the end I was over full. Recommend to share with friends for Asian.

For anyone of you if order baked eggs too, serve it while still hot to avoid the eggs become solidified, as the weather is cool enough.

The River Kitchen
237, Victoria Street, Hamilton Central.
Hamilton. New Zealand


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