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Fat Dog Bar & Cafe @ Rotorua, New Zealand

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At my own thought, the best dessert is made from the kitchen instead ready-made display in cabinet. I am very happy that I could enjoy very good desert in New Zealand before I was leaving.

I was taken few minutes to research which is the best cafe and have good review in Rotorua. It was surprising me when Fat Dog this name come out at first in the Google and it was really crowded enough when I step in their cafe.

The cafe is colourful to bring out their fat dog theme. They are not only serving as cafe, but also as bar at night. They been won a winner as The Catering Company in 2016 as well as other awards.

All the menu and price are clearly stated in the black board hang on top. Everything you have to order and pay it at counter, and they will serve you accordingly.
The desserts is the only words I can see in their cafe. They have 6 desserts to choose and the price all is NZ$13.90, except for Death by Chocolate cost at NZ$18.40.

Hot Chocolate Pudding Cake NZ$13.90

The chocolate brownie serves with Vanilla Ice Cream and berry coulis on top, dip with chocolate sauce at all. This is a good picks for sweet tooth. The brownie is cooked in hot, always perfect match with ice cream. The sweetness is good enough when comes with berry.

Flat White NZ$4.10
Coffee is a must when having a dessert. The coffee is good to make my taste balance while having sweet tooth at this time.

If you are travelling around Rotorua, may think about to visit here save a cup of coffee and try out their awesome menu. It is nearby Rotorua i-site and easy to reach by short walking distance. 

Fat Dog Bar & Cafe
1161 Arawa Street, Rotorua Central.
Rotorua. New Zealand


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