Tuesday, August 22

Replete Café & Store @ Taupo, New Zealand

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Since I had full dinner last night, so I randomly order a bagel as my breakfast today makes my stomach have enough space to breathe.

Walked into the cafe, the cabinet has been filled of foods in large cabinet. Of course you still can choose the fresh ingredients from kitchen. I really stand here for some time because I do not know what I have to until I found bagel.

I visit their cafe after half an hour after they are open door, but it almost full from indoor to outdoor. Lastly I choose to sit on the window bar with beautiful sunlight to start my day. As usual, long black is my coffee of the day.

This bagel was named the BEST UGLY BAGEL. Regardless of appearance or inner has not much decoration, casually rub a shape as long as the surface looks like circle.

Come with thick cream cheese and broken salmon piece inside, without such beautiful display like other cafe does. Just like there are in it then fine.
Anyway, those foods will come into the stomach, who cares how it looks like right? As long as it was delicate!

The next door of the cafe is a store full with kitchenware and food products like utensils, cooking stuff, cooking oil, sauces, tea, coffee maker, as well as home decor products. You may have a look around after finish your meal and may found something interesting here.

How I wish I can take them at home. :(
This is an interesting place with good variety of foods and drinks. Service was good and efficient. Drop by if  you are visiting Taupo and I'm sure their food and coffee will delight your day.

Replete Cafe
45 HeuHeu St, Taupo. 3330 New Zealand.
+64 7 377 3011

Monday, August 7

Recall Childhood Favorite @ Tart Passion Bakery, Petaling Jaya

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Egg tart is my childhood favorite food and I always bought it for tea break after school in my hometown. When come to city, I still always look for nice tart, until I found TK Brother's bakery, and Tart Passion is the next.

About Tart Passion
Angel Ng, owner of Tart Passion offers variety selection of homemade tarts that use fresh and natural ingredients to bring you the highest quality of tarts. She started baking these tarts using secret recipe from her parents in Ipoh.

If you are wondering her tarts is lookalike with the Ipoh OldTown Tart King (二奶巷葡挞皇), yes they are Angel's parents and Angel has branched a stall in Kopitiam Bintang, located at Petaling Jaya.

All tarts and biscuit made freshly everyday and sold out at the same day.  

There is wide selection you can choose from:
Natural Omega Ori Egg Tart , Pandan Egg Tart
Natural Pandan Coconut Tart
Portuguese Egg Tart
Chicken Siew Pao & Kaya Biscuit

Thanks to Kiple invitation and get to see the preparation of baked tarts by Angel at this morning. Here is the dough preparation for egg tart, chicken siew pao and kaya biscuit.

Once the dough is done, next will fill up the egg mixture to each dough before go into the oven. 

Ta-da~~ The tarts look so cute when done baked from the oven.

My Verdict at Tart Passion

I like Pandan Egg Tart and this is very special and new in town that I never seen before.
All tart made with freshly ingredients and still crispy on next day after I heating again from oven. 
Best consume within 3 days and remember store in fridge to ensure the tart keep in fresh always.
If you would like to having some tart from Tart Passion, you may get a 10% off your bill at Tart Passion when you pay with Kiple!
Download Kiple now and enjoy your offer!

Tart Passion @ Kopitiam Bintang
56, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya. Selangor
Business Hour: 7.30am - 3.30pm (Mon -Sat)