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Cosmetic Colour Contact Lens by Barbie Eyesland

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Barbie Eyesland is an online shop provides variety of good quality cosmetic colour contact lens with affordable price for almost 9 years. Most of customers are giving very good review in their website. The important thing is, all colour lens here is ready stock!

The website design is simple and friendly use. You can looking colour lens based on different preference like diameter from 14mm to 16.5mm; or colour option. 
Colour contact lens price range from RM25 to RM30 which quite affordable. And they are promise free delivery within 2-5 days. In fact, I received my package on next day after purchase.

Barbie Eyesland have do very well in their packaging with floral and fantasy. Each colour lens purchase will receive a lens case as free.

They do provide direction of use the colour lens from the back of packaging. 

Oh My Spark Grey 14.5mm 

Oh My Twinkle Brown 15mm

My Verdict after using Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Colour Lens
I prefer natural looking and these colour contact lens own natural, sparkle and fashionable look to me.
Long lasting comfort is important for me, and it did very well and my eyes comfort all the time.
Barbie Eyesland contact lens been certified safe and monthly disposable. They are reliable online shop for colour contact lens.

Where to buy?
Direct purchase from their official website here.
For more information:
Whatsapp / Wechat: + 60 11 3333 3010


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