Monday, July 31

Cosmetic Colour Contact Lens by Barbie Eyesland

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Barbie Eyesland is an online shop provides variety of good quality cosmetic colour contact lens with affordable price for almost 9 years. Most of customers are giving very good review in their website. The important thing is, all colour lens here is ready stock!

The website design is simple and friendly use. You can looking colour lens based on different preference like diameter from 14mm to 16.5mm; or colour option. 
Colour contact lens price range from RM25 to RM30 which quite affordable. And they are promise free delivery within 2-5 days. In fact, I received my package on next day after purchase.

Barbie Eyesland have do very well in their packaging with floral and fantasy. Each colour lens purchase will receive a lens case as free.

They do provide direction of use the colour lens from the back of packaging. 

Oh My Spark Grey 14.5mm 

Oh My Twinkle Brown 15mm

My Verdict after using Barbie Eyesland Cosmetic Colour Lens
I prefer natural looking and these colour contact lens own natural, sparkle and fashionable look to me.
Long lasting comfort is important for me, and it did very well and my eyes comfort all the time.
Barbie Eyesland contact lens been certified safe and monthly disposable. They are reliable online shop for colour contact lens.

Where to buy?
Direct purchase from their official website here.
For more information:
Whatsapp / Wechat: + 60 11 3333 3010

Thursday, July 27

The Creel Tackle House Café @ Turangi, New Zealand

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Having rain for whole day from yesterday until this morning. Feel badly I couldn't finish my Tangoriro trail and have to stay in a backpacker without somebody accidentally. Thanks for so much information provided from the backpacker website I stayed last night. At last, I picked to visit this café in this lazy morning.

The Creel Tackle Café offer fresh homemade Turangi food with fly fishing theme, as all foods and pastry made on site. They are using locally sourced produce whenever possible, such as free range eggs, seasonal fruits, salad vegetables, coffee, organic and natural drinks.

The café actually is the work room from the oldest Tackle Shop in New Zealand; you don't even realize there is a small café inside the shop. Hundreds of fishing files have been tied in this room; lot of fly rods have been crafted. All these are owned by Mr Joe Frost, also a fishing guide to many dignitaries the world over.

Produce on the window sill and shelve printed on acrylic for sale. All of these are taken by aerial photographs of the Tongariro River.

They do sell homemade products like jams, chocolate, teas and coffee.

I fall in love with their coffee. Surprisingly coffee here own nice fragrant with medium taste. And this places have make me feel comfortable when sitting inside, I could enjoy my tasting slowly with listening lively music in this beautiful morning.

I have a breakfast of today, which come with two poached eggs, roasted ciabatta and bacon.
The bacon was super nice! Combining crispy with soft texture and I wondering how they can make the bacon with like this. I have no idea on it and never get enough for this. I also have an experience buy some bacon to home and fry it, but the result is not what I wish. Hmmm, gonna explore of it again. As well as the ciabatta bread. 

Lot of goods in the tackle shop such as warm socks, foot warmers, beanies, caps and hats, thermal under garment as well as everything that fly fisher need. They are ready to help you with fishing tackle, a license or a fishing report great.

If you are planning to have your Tongariro trail too, you could stop by here for breakfast or lunch to have a break before move forward. It is just 20 minutes away from Tongariro National Park and you could takeout lunches too if you are rushing. By the way, please make your order before 7.30 a.m for collection.

The Creel Tackle House and Café 
189, Taupahi Rd, Turangi, 3334 New Zealand
+64 7 386 7929

Wednesday, July 12

Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture @ Wellington, New Zealand

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What is come in your mind when we are talk about France? Probably is the beautiful city, Paris and Eiffel Tower. What is come in my mind is the vibrant and colourful dessert and patisserie display in the cabinet. I feel lucky enough when I found this dessert place that able to fulfill my sweet tooth.

Louis Sergeant, describing itself as a contemporary Salon de The. Louis Sergeant is a French-trained Chef de Patisseries born in Lille, Northern France. The chef offers exquisite edible art that tastes just good as it looks. 

The table setting was simple enough and there is not much decoration in this place. But sad to telling I was unable to dine in because they are near to closing time, at last I have to take away and having it while I was in Mt Victoria at evening.

After few minutes, I make my choices was J'Adore.
Religieuse J'Adore NZ$9
Bottom covered with milk chocolate, almonds and edible gold, capped with a piece of chocolate, then a swirl of hazelnut praline mousseline with a gooey centre choux pastry, and finally topped with a piece of gold leaf. The taste is light and creamy enough, it was wonderful!

I love the packaging and it looks gorgeous enough when I make my takeaway. The packaging just looks like a gift to me. I'm pretty sure every girl will fall in love and feel happy when get this gift.

For those who have sweet tooth like me, Louis Sergeant is not-to-be-missed experience when visiting Wellington! Perhaps to have a tea set if you have enough time spent in Wellington.

Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture

146 Featherston Street, Wellington Central.
New Zealand.
Tel: +64 4 499 8475