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Flight Coffee – The Hangar @ Te Aro, Wellington

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I was wake up early and having 3 ways coffee making in this morning before I leaving this city to my next destination. The cafe is full of crowded before 8 a.m. and most of them are working people to having their breakfast or coffee takeaway.
Once step in their cafe, you will saw a lot of coffee stuffs display every corner from counter and beside the door.

Flight Coffee describes themselves on their website as "a family of coffee nerds existing to develop excellent people and outstanding coffee". They also part of a coffee farming team called Helena in Columbia to creating a specialty coffee heaven to their customer in New Zealand.

Coffee 3 Ways NZD $14
They are using one type of coffee beans and served in 3 ways. Coffee beans to be chosen is La Reforma which origin from Columbia. From left to right: espresso, flat white, cold drip

To fulfill my coffee taste, I was greedy enough and order 3 cups of coffee for myself.
First is espresso, the coffee beans they use are includes black cherry and grapefruit, so the taste is felt acid a bit when you drink up. 

The second is flat white. My thought is nice to drink up when the coffee is adding milk, it is very smooth. In other word, perhaps not everyone like those rich coffees and this is easier to drink. 

When come to third, I have felt a bit satiated and also hiccup. Third cup is cold drip where I did not drink the similar coffee for a long time. This has surprising me because it is difficult to found good coffee to drink in low temperature. For more understanding, cold drip need 12 hours for cold extraction.

Worried that I can't try out 3 cup of coffee, the cafe was prepared a glass of sparkling water at last so you can enjoy their coffee in good condition.

For anyone would like to tasting the coffee flight, it is recommend to sharing with other friends. of course you can have one cup of coffee for yourself if you are come alone. Beside coffee make 2 ways, they have a lot ways to making coffee such as batch brew, hand brew, cold brew, different coffee filters and so on. You can choose different coffee beans as you like from their board to fulfill your coffee taste and aroma. You can find everything you've ever wanted about the coffee in the cafe.

The Hangar
171-177, Willis Street. Te Aro,
Wellington City. New Zealand.


  1. A nice place to drink coffee. I learnt so much about coffee from reading this.

  2. This place look like a cool hangout! I would love taste the dessert.

  3. love to go someday. wanna put in travel list, I like drink coffee

  4. Looks like a cosy breakfast place. I can imagine the smell of coffe and freshly baked bread!!

  5. Wow! 3 cups of coffee at a time...?

  6. The place looks so cool! If this is near my place, I'd definitely hang out there, or even do my work there! Were you able to finish the 3 cups though? How did you feel after? Just wondering hehe ;)


  7. this is so pretty... I want to visit it too, but heaven knows when I will get a chance to visit New Zealand... huhuh

  8. such an interesting concept! and i love hoe they describe themselves.. hahah

  9. The cafe looks so cosy. I really want to try!

  10. Hope to visit New Zealand. nice cafe like everywhere

  11. Wow i like this cafe, and the tray is so cool


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