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Authentic France Coffee Experience @ Cafe Richards, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands

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Before this, I did wrote a lot cafe review and my experience toward Malaysian cafe trend, I admit I'm seeking something I don't know blindly until I visit New Zealand for a year.
During my solo trip at New Zealand, I spend most of the time sitting in the coffee shop, enjoying a cup of black coffee and notes down my feeling along the way. It's like a scene only appear in movie and I really enjoy the moment. 

From here, I found out it is not an easier to manage a very good coffee shop for last like Malaysia as well. Of course I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but passion of coffee is the key to manage a cafe successfully in F&B industry. Additionally the high acceptance of your mix beans.

I am very happy when Cafe Richards, France leading coffee roaster has chosen Malaysia as the first retail location bring genuine taste of France to us. As their mission is provide customer the genuine French cafe experience which authentic espresso, coffee and French food as well with classy Parisian-style atmosphere -- classic black and white mosaic floor tiles, cloth awnings and raffia wicker chairs.

Once you open their menu, you will see some description about manual brewing method to let customer more understand each characteristic. You may ask the barista for recommendation and explanation of the coffee beans selection if you have out of idea. All the staff and barista been trained to be like sommeliers of coffee, enabled to explains the difference of coffee beans as well as the suggestion of preparation method. And we witness this happen just simply ask one of staff come in front of us for explanation.

After some Q & A session and explanation from Michael McCauley, Cafe Richard's Master Roaster, he has recommend me Costa Rica Tarrazu with slow method - Syphon, something chemistry project as according my preference to brew the coffee. Syphon method produces a medium-bodied coffee to target customer like me who love rich flavour coffee.

Costa Rica Tarrazu in Syphon RM19 / RM21

Sumatra 'Orang Utan' Coffee in French Press RM19 / RM21
Undeniable french press is the most easiest and better way to discover the coffee selection. French press produce full-bodied coffee with rich flavour cup of coffee as I did brewed my coffee in this way at home because you actually get to finish brewing your coffee just at your tableside.

Chemex - something unique brewing method to produce pure aromatic coffee filtered by paper to removes coffee oil, with absolutely no bitterness. 

Cold Drip - another chemistry project produces smooth and concentration coffee aroma by extract cold water with long hour. May come back for this to explore how well on this as I didn't found any place that can satisfy my tasting experience.

Cafe Richards do provide milk-based espresso like latte, frappe with reasonable price from RM15 to RM20 something that around Starbucks pricing. Surprisingly the pricing is not higher as I expect. The value is worth for a cup of coffee.

**Prices shown as member / nonmember

Cafe Richards
Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting
69000 Genting Highland Resort. Pahang. Malaysia


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