Tuesday, February 28

40 Grams Bakery @Section 17, Petaling Jaya

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I guess everyone might not very know about 40 Grams Bakery until you have see their little yellow colour truck, they are actually selling assorted buns and bakery was located at Section 17. Their little truck has remind me when I'm a child always buy my favorite cake and buns from this kind of truck. The truck always come on time at my place, the price is reasonable and tasty. 

I know Section 17 have a lot of hidden gem of cafe and bakery where I stay around this area almost a year before. Even I have move somewhere so far, but I still come back here for my favorite dinner pick. I guess they are still very new as I haven't heard about them from everywhere, even internet. I visit them quite frequent so finally I decide to share with you all.

They are supply freshly baked buns and cake just like an ordinary bakery shop. Variety of buns you can choose for and now they having promotion buy 3 buns only RM5.

They do have cookies. Presentation is nice.

Banana Cake
This is my all time favorite and I love it so much. It is soft enough and not oily at all. As I have experienced that most of banana cake is oily and sometimes smell charred. This was really surprise me.

Polo Bun
Am I told you before I love polo bun? For me this is not really bad, but it good if consume on the same day as I found the bread quite hard to eat. :(

Garlic Bread
You may not believe, but the breads was still munching even I have it on next day! I can't resist to having it again. If you finding bakery that selling good bakery and reasonable price, you may try for this. You may check from their Facebook to update where their little truck been and buy from there if you feel their bakery shop far from your place.

*This post original from my thoughts, just for sharing purpose, I do not partner/sponsor/advertise with any for write up.

40 Grams Bakery
609, Jalan 17/10, 46400
Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
Tel: +6014 630 2758


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