Wednesday, December 27

The River Kitchen @ Hamilton, New Zealand

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I was in love with the Saturday without crowded or busy vehicle on the road. The weather is cool enough and the sun is good on this day. Even you are sitting outdoor having your breakfast in this morning you will not feel fretful like in Malaysia.

The cafe was awarded by Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, and also won few award from Cafe Magazine Annual Cafe Awards since year 2008. They been voted 'Best Cafe New Zealand 10/11'.

This day, I strongly feel to craving egg benedict and pick this for my day.

Baked eggs with spinach, yogurt harissa and Turkish bread at NZ$16.50. Add another NZ$5.50 for chorizo sausage or bacon. They are using free range eggs where it is good health to eat yet. I have choose vegetarian for my egg benedict, of course you can add meat sausage or bacon if you want.

Honestly the food portion they prepared is great enough for Western people. But for me is too much and I was started full when I finish for two-third. At the end I was over full. Recommend to share with friends for Asian.

For anyone of you if order baked eggs too, serve it while still hot to avoid the eggs become solidified, as the weather is cool enough.

The River Kitchen
237, Victoria Street, Hamilton Central.
Hamilton. New Zealand

Monday, October 30

Signature Market Online Shopping Review

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Health and well being has transformed people lifestyle and habits, even myself has started changed my lifestyle to become healthier. But to keep a healthy lifestyle is not easy because I love to eat snack so much. I getting know Signature Market from a friend by chance, and I only know that Signature Market is offering healthy and delicious snack without any preservatives or addictive. Now they also selling lot of healthy food such as muesli, granola, and other beverages. 

This is my first time making purchase in Signature Market. To kick start my first try on healthy meals, I prefer to make it simple and easy instead take too much step to making it. Here it is:

Sweet Home Farm Granola Honey Nuts with Almond (582g)
In case you not sure about Granola, it usually made with whole grains, add on some dried fruit, nuts and other natural food, baked with honey until it become golden brown. This is suitable for beginner want to kick start healthy cereals. Granola is perfect enough by itself, but I love to make it as topping in my daily breakfast. It also good for parfait or cookies.

***It may contains other Tree Nuts and Soy.
Processing Level: 2
Nutrition Value: 3
Taste: 4

Homemade Cranberry Chia Seed Crunchy Cluster
Made with superior quality of Australia Oats with less sweet, roasted cashew nuts, cranberries and organic chia seed. With the awesome combination of chia seed and cranberries, both help improve stamina and endurance as well as rich in antioxidant. This is suitable for who is bodybuilder, hikers, campers and backpackers like me as its contains enough nutritious and provides substantial calories. Sometimes I add Granola with ice cream or salads to make my meal more tasty

Processing Level: 1
Nutrition Value: 4
Taste: 3

Real Veggie Crips (100g)
This is look awesome where it is 100% made from natural real vegetables without any artificial ingredients or additive. Signature Market claimed only the finest seasonal products are selected and processed to ensure the snack is keep in freshness. This packaging include sweet potato, taro, pumpkin, carrots, lotus root and long beans that come with high fiber is the best-on-the-go snack for everyone. Vegetarian? No worries about this.
Processing Level: 1
Nutrition Value: 4
Taste: 3

Premium Dried Blueberries (200g)
Personally love blueberry so much as it not really sweetened and this is so nice when mix with muesli,cereal, salads or yogurt. It also nice use for baking like cookies, cakes or muffins. Usually I add it in my daily breakfast with muesli.
Processing Level: 1
Nutrition Value: 4
Taste: 2

Organic Chia Seed (200g)
Chia Seed has been proven to be a super food with variety health benefits. This is recommend for who wish to weight loss due Chia Seed will reduce food cravings and helps in dieting through absorbing calories. This also naturally high in fiber which can helps in digestive health. This is very easy to serve where you can add in your drinks, food, overnight oats or dessert as well.
Processing Level: 1
Nutrition Value: 5
Taste: 2

Signature Market 100% Spinach / Pumpkin Ramen (250g)
This ramen series is made by REAL vegetables as it is pure and delicious. I totally agree that this ramen is specially design for me this kind people that very conscious on healthy but never have time for home cook. What is the good for spinach and pumpkin?
Spinach: Low in fats and cholesterol, High in vitamin, minerals, contains protein and help brain function.
Pumpkin: Good for eyes, aid weight loss, may reduce cancer risk, help after workout and boost your immune system.
This is simple to cook with only 10 minutes and you can fry or cook with your favorite ingredients. 
Processing Level: 2
Nutrition Value: 4
Taste: 3

Currently they are doing limited time promotion for first purchaser. For new customer, you are able enjoy the Organic Chia Seed in RM1 (worth RM29.90) + FREE 3 months membership (worth RM50) + extra 10% OFF. If you are interested on Signature Market, you may head on to their website for more information.

Tuesday, September 12

Fat Dog Bar & Cafe @ Rotorua, New Zealand

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At my own thought, the best dessert is made from the kitchen instead ready-made display in cabinet. I am very happy that I could enjoy very good desert in New Zealand before I was leaving.

I was taken few minutes to research which is the best cafe and have good review in Rotorua. It was surprising me when Fat Dog this name come out at first in the Google and it was really crowded enough when I step in their cafe.

The cafe is colourful to bring out their fat dog theme. They are not only serving as cafe, but also as bar at night. They been won a winner as The Catering Company in 2016 as well as other awards.

All the menu and price are clearly stated in the black board hang on top. Everything you have to order and pay it at counter, and they will serve you accordingly.
The desserts is the only words I can see in their cafe. They have 6 desserts to choose and the price all is NZ$13.90, except for Death by Chocolate cost at NZ$18.40.

Hot Chocolate Pudding Cake NZ$13.90

The chocolate brownie serves with Vanilla Ice Cream and berry coulis on top, dip with chocolate sauce at all. This is a good picks for sweet tooth. The brownie is cooked in hot, always perfect match with ice cream. The sweetness is good enough when comes with berry.

Flat White NZ$4.10
Coffee is a must when having a dessert. The coffee is good to make my taste balance while having sweet tooth at this time.

If you are travelling around Rotorua, may think about to visit here save a cup of coffee and try out their awesome menu. It is nearby Rotorua i-site and easy to reach by short walking distance. 

Fat Dog Bar & Cafe
1161 Arawa Street, Rotorua Central.
Rotorua. New Zealand

Tuesday, August 22

Replete Café & Store @ Taupo, New Zealand

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Since I had full dinner last night, so I randomly order a bagel as my breakfast today makes my stomach have enough space to breathe.

Walked into the cafe, the cabinet has been filled of foods in large cabinet. Of course you still can choose the fresh ingredients from kitchen. I really stand here for some time because I do not know what I have to until I found bagel.

I visit their cafe after half an hour after they are open door, but it almost full from indoor to outdoor. Lastly I choose to sit on the window bar with beautiful sunlight to start my day. As usual, long black is my coffee of the day.

This bagel was named the BEST UGLY BAGEL. Regardless of appearance or inner has not much decoration, casually rub a shape as long as the surface looks like circle.

Come with thick cream cheese and broken salmon piece inside, without such beautiful display like other cafe does. Just like there are in it then fine.
Anyway, those foods will come into the stomach, who cares how it looks like right? As long as it was delicate!

The next door of the cafe is a store full with kitchenware and food products like utensils, cooking stuff, cooking oil, sauces, tea, coffee maker, as well as home decor products. You may have a look around after finish your meal and may found something interesting here.

How I wish I can take them at home. :(
This is an interesting place with good variety of foods and drinks. Service was good and efficient. Drop by if  you are visiting Taupo and I'm sure their food and coffee will delight your day.

Replete Cafe
45 HeuHeu St, Taupo. 3330 New Zealand.
+64 7 377 3011

Monday, August 7

Recall Childhood Favorite @ Tart Passion Bakery, Petaling Jaya

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Egg tart is my childhood favorite food and I always bought it for tea break after school in my hometown. When come to city, I still always look for nice tart, until I found TK Brother's bakery, and Tart Passion is the next.

About Tart Passion
Angel Ng, owner of Tart Passion offers variety selection of homemade tarts that use fresh and natural ingredients to bring you the highest quality of tarts. She started baking these tarts using secret recipe from her parents in Ipoh.

If you are wondering her tarts is lookalike with the Ipoh OldTown Tart King (二奶巷葡挞皇), yes they are Angel's parents and Angel has branched a stall in Kopitiam Bintang, located at Petaling Jaya.

All tarts and biscuit made freshly everyday and sold out at the same day.  

There is wide selection you can choose from:
Natural Omega Ori Egg Tart , Pandan Egg Tart
Natural Pandan Coconut Tart
Portuguese Egg Tart
Chicken Siew Pao & Kaya Biscuit

Thanks to Kiple invitation and get to see the preparation of baked tarts by Angel at this morning. Here is the dough preparation for egg tart, chicken siew pao and kaya biscuit.

Once the dough is done, next will fill up the egg mixture to each dough before go into the oven. 

Ta-da~~ The tarts look so cute when done baked from the oven.

My Verdict at Tart Passion

I like Pandan Egg Tart and this is very special and new in town that I never seen before.
All tart made with freshly ingredients and still crispy on next day after I heating again from oven. 
Best consume within 3 days and remember store in fridge to ensure the tart keep in fresh always.
If you would like to having some tart from Tart Passion, you may get a 10% off your bill at Tart Passion when you pay with Kiple!
Download Kiple now and enjoy your offer!

Tart Passion @ Kopitiam Bintang
56, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Utama, 47400
Petaling Jaya. Selangor
Business Hour: 7.30am - 3.30pm (Mon -Sat)