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VCR Coffee & Cakes @ Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur

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VCR is famous on their attractive glass window with the natural light glow inside the café has lead the nice environment for taking a good picture.

The café set up in an old building has become one of the features for them. They are one of the building paint in grey colour on the road to make it outstanding compare with other.

We choose to sit at upstairs because there is not much people seat upstairs instead downstairs is noisy.

Barista is friendly enough and he is giving well explain of hand brew coffee when we told him we are interested to having it.
Since the day we visit is weekday, the food is serving shortly after we order. Service is good.

Latte RM12

Filter Coffee - Aeropress RM15

Potato Waffle RM24
The name itself has attract my attention because I love potato so much! I never seen anywhere has make the waffle by potato but they are first, I guess.
The mushroom friccasse and herb salad are surrounds the waffle, come with eggs and tomato fondue on top. What to be mention they are emphasize used free range eggs and cooked in 63 Degree Celsius.

French Toast RM19
This is actually a sweet treat in my breakfast this early morning. They used fluffy brioche French toast topped with espresso based ice cream.
The interesting part on this plate shows on the left; fulfill some crumbles and seeds with mocha sauce at the bottom, and a spoonful berries compote perhaps.

Honestly, the food and coffee here just good and actually not really impressive me. The price is slightly high which is not really matching with the food it serves. 
If you wish to have peaceful place to enjoy your food might go upstairs instead downstairs is noisy enough.
By the way, they are creative enough to mixed different flavour together on a plate and make it some interesting to your taste buds.

VCR Coffee & Cakes
2, Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang
50150 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2110 2330
VCR Facebook


  1. wow...the food make me hungry now!!! Looks so yummy and delicious!!

  2. These definitely looks like a lovely place to hang out with friends or your date or spouse... the food looks good and the ambience lovely...

  3. I like this cafe too, their potato waffle is must to try. Love it thou

  4. The ambience is pretty! Like a place you can just chill with a cup of coffee and a laptop for hours. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I like the ambiance especially that wide glass window overlooking the scene outside. It makes the places spacious :)

  6. The place place looks relax to enjoy a cup of coffee. Will check this place out.

  7. Can I eat it all?? So yummy...I loved the overall vibes of this café.

  8. This place looks like a secret get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life! A cuppa drip cover to let the afternoon pass! Not to mention the food look great too

  9. Lovely photos, using natural lighting is the best :)

  10. have always wanted to visit this place as i have heard many good things about them. will explore it, but will lower down my expectation la. hehe

  11. OMG such a nice place to visit! Insta-worthy! I gonna check it out

  12. Oh my this place looks stunning - lots of natural light and the dishes served looks really good too. Will certainly check it out.


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