Saturday, December 26

Mini Mini Cafe @ Mid Valley Megamall

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Do you ever think about dining in the mini cafe? The sounds like we are at the Alice In Wonderland, isn't? I have notice them since they are on their way to renovate the cafe, the board showing cuteness of rabbit and I awaiting their cafe opening.

However, they are not in rabbit theme, actually the cafe owner has make the cafe concept as curated miniatures dolls. What you can see from the cafe is full of miniatures figures include dining table also input those miniatures figures dolls. 

The cafe has been open as 2 shop from left to right. 

They have fully occupied center area as well and divide to 3 section let customer choose their seat as free. You may sit in open area which is at center of the cafe.

Here is the private section which offer customer to having some celebration or party.

Here just a lot of photo opportunities to who love to take photo.

How about their food? Their food absolutely is in mini size as well.
Lamb Pizza RM17.90

Peanut Butter & Banana Waffle RM10.90

Sandwiched Pancake RM10.90

If you wondering what is the inside table, they are miniatures! Each table have miniatures in it.

Fruity Pavlova RM12.90

By the way, the cafe has carry some ready stock of miniatures for sell. You can ask the staff from Mini Mini Cafe for assistance if you interested with it.

My Verdict at Mini Mini Cafe
From all above, I prefer waffle and the flavor is mix and match well.
The pavlova is not in my expectation and quite sweet for me.
Since all the food is mini size, you can come for having some afternoon tea and finger foods instead as your main course.

**All photos taken by Xiaomi Mi4.

Mini Mini Cafe (right below of GSC Cinema)
Lot T-007A & T-005C, 3rd Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 KL.

Tuesday, December 15

[Non-Halal] SRK Noodle House @ Section 14, Petaling Jaya

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Alright, I'm addicted to eat Sarawak food recently and my friend is bring me to a new restaurant open at Section 14. The restaurant is not very new but I never realize this restaurant has been open for few branch include Subang, Puchong and Sri Petaling. Obviously, I seldom visit these area, so I never know about until they open a branch at PJ.

Being heard that, this is one of the restaurant serve almost authentic Sarawak food and the taste just mostly similar from Sarawak. And the person who told me this is Sarawakians. Wow~ Why not try out of this since he said like that?

Bien Nuik Soup 扁肉汤 RM6.80(R); RM7.80(L)

Another words is Wanton, they are not cut the meat by knife. Because the word of 'Bien' means flat. So they are going pounded the meat become thinly with custom mallet.

Kampua 乾盤面 RM6.80(R); RM7.80 (L)

This is what they said as Kolok Mee. But they said Kolok Mee is invented by Hakka People and Kampua is the authentic noodle from Sarawak. The noodles are generally custom made by the owner himself with using fresh ingredients, without adding artificial flavoring. The noodles is soft 

Sarawak Laksa 正宗砂拉越叻沙 RM7.80(R); RM8.80(L)

The laksa not spicy and I recommend who those is tomato boy or girl, you may try this out and you would not regret on it. 

My Verdict at SRK Noodle House:
The pork meat (Char Xiu) is quite different with local meat. This is the meat I ate from childhood in my hometown. I happy to said that I found the taste in my memory and honestly I miss my hometown food.
The price is value to pay, and the portion is worth for the price.
Heard that their Special Mee Hoon fried with sweet leaves have a good review as well. Will come back for this in future.

*All photo taken by Smartphone Xiaomi Mi4.

SRK Noodle House Section 14
20B,Jalan 14/20, Section 14
46100 Petaling Jaya. Selangor.