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Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant @ Publika

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If you wish to having a fine dining course with reasonable price, here is the post you should not miss out. A combination of food and fashion is come together in a place - Elegantology Gallery and Restaurant to bring you an interesting dining experience, at least I think so.

The interior of restaurant part.

There is a lot of men's fashion and accessory display at gallery which design by few local's designer. 

The presentation on table is look gorgeous enough.

The menu showcase the recipe from chef Pele Kuah and I have tasting a 4 course meal  with their specialty cocktail drinks during the food review event.

Cocktail Drinks RM30/each

Martell Summit



Personally love Martell Summit, but a bit sour for me. It will not make you drunk, don't worry.

Salmon Confit 42 degree Celsius RM40

This is an orange fennel salad come with lemon zest emulsion and fennel puree. I like the sauce they have use and the salmon just so fresh.

Lemongrass Consomme RM40

The preparation of soup has make me impressive when they are pour the soup to my plate in front of me. To keep the taste, chef has separate the soup with the ingredients so we can taste every single taste no matter the soup or the vege inside. The soup come with lobster ravioli and vegetables pearls.

Main Course
24 Hours Sous Vide Denver Lamb Ribs RM80

Chef has choose lamb tennderloin ribs and cook it 24 hrs marinate. The meat is combine with seafood, served in caramelised masala, onion potato mousse, potato nest and mussel ragout.

Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast RM85

Chef has using cherry red wine sauce and the taste mix with duck breast is surprisingly good. Served with foieGras Snow, sweet potato gratin, salt bake Daikon, watercress emulsion.

Butter Poached Pomfret Fish RM78

Chef apply ebi and edamame sauce served with green pea mousse, galangal coconut butter, water chestnut relish, king oyster mushroom and dill, using the paku vege to decorate the plate. 

Chef claimed he is using the freshness ingredient serve to customer. The most interesting is he using the local ingredient and the presentation of food is able to compare favorable with imported ingredient.

Chilled Cheese Cake RM30

The cheese cake just too nice come with the honey caviar, crumble and blueberry compote.

My Verdict at Elegantology Restaurant
I love the ambiance which cozy enough and I feel very comfort all the time in food review session.
The soup here is impress me and you can taste the freshness of ingredients immediately once served on your table.
Here is the best place for you to looking a reasonable price in fine dining with cozy atmosphere. You can point here as one of your list for celebration dinner.

*They are offering set lunch with affordable price too. You definitely will having a best experience dining here.

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant (Same row with Silver Spoon & The Social)
35, Level G2, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kula Lumpur. Malaysia.
Tel: +603 6206 5577


  1. It's a nice looking place but somehow, doesn't appeal to me. Maybe because of the environment of the place.

  2. heard a lot about this place! nice combination and definitely it goes well with its name.

  3. An interesting dining experience indeed. I think it's the trend thee days to combine a couple of experiences in one outlet.

  4. seldom go Publika, my friend stay nearer sure she go more often than me hehe. Looks nice place to dine and shop, shall let her know of this place.

  5. very atas and different from other environment...the duck breast looks promising...

  6. The food presentation was awesome. Looks delicious. I didn't know Elegantology served such food eventhough I always passed by there. Will check it out.

  7. oh im eyeing on the foie gras on top of the duck meat. the menu looks so tempting with many beautiful fashion pieces showcased in the restaurant

  8. The sous vide lamb looks very tempting !! I want I want !

  9. A good combination of this concept whereby customer can enjoy the food and also shop at elegantology.

  10. I love the concept and ambience at the Elegantology Gallery Restaurant. The food is alright.

  11. I am a soup person, will really go and try that out!

  12. waaaaaaaaaaa omg this cafe is so pretty! The interior is so grand and elegant with the food was so high class and nicely presented. Guess the price should be not cheap >.<

  13. Love the photos! So many delicious looking food up there. Love the idea of the boutique - restaurant together too.

  14. woah everything looks amazing! Especially the lamb, salmon and and duck!

  15. I have been to this restaurant for their food in Publika :) love their tasty food and appreciate their different concept of restaurant cm boutique :)
    Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. wow... really a gorgeous and convenience dining restaurant!! look exclusively .

  17. The ambience certainly befitting the name - Elegant.
    And the meat looks so tempting and juicy - I know that it tastes good too.
    Now salivating over the pictures of the food.

  18. More food coming haha. Will makan all of them after my delivery

  19. Been there before with my friends, love their concept as well as the elegant interior :)

  20. love the Salmon Confit 42 degree Celsius & Chilled Cheese Cake so much ^^

  21. super beautiful place! love the presentation of the food there!

  22. wow nice new concept, food and clothes and they all look so elegant too

  23. I like the environment of the restaurant.. very cool and nice..

  24. Oh My God! Why does it looking so fancy, beautiful and expensive? I doubt if the price is really reasonable. But it is so beautiful la!


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