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Frisson Coffee Bar @ Damansara Utama

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Honestly, I seldom taken American food and not really familiar how was American food serve actually. After step in to Frisson Coffee Bar, I have to said they are really serving quality American dish here with special menu.

Affogato is one of special menu in cafe! Scroll down to see more.

Just right beside Fat Spoon Cafe, same row with The Good Batch, the place is easily found by their signboard. Although the haze is unhealthy on that day, but we are enjoy the time in Frisson Coffee Bar.

The ambiance is simple enough with comfortable. You can choose few area that make you comfort to seat from next to glass door, a concrete with cushions or a pinky garden house corner. The owner is caring to his customer and prepare cushions to the concrete seat let customer easier to arrange their seat more comfortable.

No more waiting, let's see my food and drinks now!
Beef Pepperoni Pizza RM15.90

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pizza RM18.90
Each of pizza served with 2 layers thin crust with size 8" inch on a pretty wooden plate. I have non see the pizza made in 2 layers before until Frisson, it's quite impressive. Don't worry it is too much for you, it just so "skinny".

Picante Soft-Shell Crab with Creamy Tomato RM29.90

The soft-shell crab is deep fried with chilli padi, red peppers, prapika and chilli flakes served with spicy rosemary creamy tomato sauce. Who ever not really eat spicy, I will recommend you to share with your friend when having this. You will only feel spicy after few minutes. But I enjoy it because it's creamy and I love the sauce fully cover the spaghetti.

Beef Striploin Parmgiana RM26.90
Luscious beef striploin covered with cheese, served with beef pasta mixed herb sauce.

Garlic Basil Salmon RM28.90
The salmon fillet was pan-seared perfectly topped with marinated tomato served with basil and parsley pasta. One of the premium pasta creation by Daren and I love the sauce.

Creamy Salmon RM28.90
Another salmon fillet was pan-seared served with creamy tomato sauce pasta.The marinated tomato just good and it is not greasy.

Croissant ala Fusion Chicken RM13.90
There is 5 spicy chicken breast wrapped in croissant come with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and some fresh salad veggie. This is one of the best selling in their cafe to bring an unique Asian flavor. The taste just nice with the "curry chicken" with their homemade croissant.

Big Breakkie set RM28.90
Every cafe will create their own big breakfast and you will get the definitely "BIG" breakfast here. Each big breakkie set served with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken sausage and baked beans. Make your choice of beef bacon / chicken ham, and egg of sunny-side up / scrambled / omelet. 

After so much of main course, it's time to complete it with dessert.
Affogato is the dessert from Frisson. Yes it is Affogato! Each of the Affogato comes with single shot of espresso and a scoop of premium ice cream from Australia.

Black Forest RM14.50
With the perfect combination of butter cookies, cherries, chunky white and dark chocolate, crumbled cookie toppings and shaved chocolate. This is the best seller Affogato and I agree with it.

Chocolate Affair RM13.50
Topped with mini marshmallow, chunky white and dark chocolate, crumbled cookie toppings. This is special make for chocolate fanatic to fixed their cravings on chocolate. 

Remember, take one spoonful of the ice cream cover with all the ingredients in the glass after pour espresso. The taste and sweetness for whole glass just right with the bitter of espresso.

Frisson coffee Bar having variety of promotion. Enjoy 30% discount of Affogato when you order premium menu. They offer set lunch from RM13.90 on weekdays except public holiday.

They serving cakes too, don't worry!
Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake RM15
The cheese filling is rich come with layers of salted caramel and apple bites. Did I mention their cakes is bake by their own too?

My verdict at Frisson Coffee Bar
The food served in big portion, sharing meal is recommended.
The price is slightly high compare to other cafe, but the portion will speak the price.
The ambiance is cozy and comfortable to enjoy your meal. 
I have a best Affogato here. If you try out other Affogato series and found out it is a must try, please come back and tell me. 
One more things is I love how Frisson Coffee Bar engage closely with their patrons in social media. They commented on my Instagram photo! Appreciated for this!

There is something surprise to their customer which is build up dessert bar on first floor with different ambiance. Can't wait to visit their new innovation after it's done! You may follow Frisson Coffee Bar Facebook or Instagram to get more updates.

Photo opportunity with blogger friends and Daren, owner from Frisson Coffee Bar.
**Thank you Seeties organizing this such awesome gathering and having fun during food tasting event. 

Frisson Coffee Bar
No. 71-G, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Selangor.


  1. Hi dear! Nice photo shooting! Frison is a lovely place. I miss their pizza and dessert. =)

  2. Love their pasta especially the soft shell crab! :) btw hope to see u again soon ya babe!

  3. wow~~~ I wanna try their croissant ala fusion chicken~~ and the creamy salmon is also one of the things that I have been eyeing for.

    Pricey, but as you mentio its big portion, so would like to make a visit here. hungry as I am typing now =(

  4. look so tempting. like ur food sharing!! thx

  5. Oh my God! The Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake!!! Sorry...main course not my type,but desserts....I'll definitely hop by when I'm back to KL!!!

    1. I know right, we both is dessert kaki LOL. After you go and let me know how was it. :)

  6. The dishes are so nicely presented. And the coffee that you posted on Insta made me laugh. Is that a tiger?

    1. I though is a bear LOL. but it really look like tiger hahaha

  7. the food looks good! I want to visit this place one day :)

  8. The food make me hungry now..... slurrppp! especially the coffee! gonna try it when i back to KL.

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  10. Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake oh my is my favorite..


  11. I haven't try these food here yet... looking so yummy especially with the mashed potato and the gravy... I would like to male it by my own. Heee 😊

  12. The big Breakie attract me. big portion. And my bf sure love the Affogato.

  13. So many mouth-watering food. Thanks for sharing!

  14. It's a nice place but getting a cab going into the area is horrendous.

    Also, your advertisement bar is out of alignment. I see 2 ads overlapping each other. LOL

  15. I like all the food you have order! The pic presentation is so pretty! Too bad all the time in Seeties not suitable for my time >.< Is been a while since I meet you all~

    1. Don't worry babe. We will meet again soon :)

  16. The basil salmon looks really good and the photographs taken here are wonderful. Cheers for the share dear, will try and give it a go when I am in the area :)

    1. Thank you for your compliment. Sure you can drop by if you are around. :)

  17. The food and the environment is just simply awesome! Such a lovely dining experience!

  18. The whole feel to their environment and the food really gave a New York feel to me. Food looks good *drools*

  19. Beef Pepperoni Pizza!! Ah, feeling hungry! :)

  20. oww ... Beef Pepperoni Pizza look tasty !!

  21. Ambience looks beautiful and the food is so mouth watering.

  22. omg...the soft shell crab just so tempting for me as I am a big fan for it :P
    ha..ha...nice decorated coffee bar to chill with friends :)

  23. I'm a dessert girl, so I was really tempted by the cheesecake. The atmosphere looks awesome too! Looks like a good place to blog, or to blog about.

  24. You go without me lol! The Picante Soft-Shell Crab with Creamy Tomato and Big Breakfast Set looks so worthy! I've been hearing about frisson and definitely a nice place to go! ;)

    1. Hahaha.. you should drop by if you are aroun. It nice! :)

  25. the food does look good. American portions are always so large

  26. Ohhhh...nice. hope to add this info my cafehopped list soon.

  27. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)

  28. Your photos look great!! The food looks so yummy especially the breakfast set. Their scrambled eggs looks really good

    1. Thank you for your compliment. Drop bybif you are around. The food not bad here.

  29. Love your photos! The pizza and pasta are so sumptious they made me hungry just now. Gotta try 'em out soon.


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