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Coffee Me Darling @ SS2

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Hidden in the ever busy SS2 neighborhood, Coffee Me Darling is one of the most lovable cafe there. I will not miss it when pass by the cafe every time. Thank you FoodInk to organize this food review and gather all bloggers, finally I have this opportunity to visit them in this evening!

The ambiance is cozy with the music play, and unique light bulbs hanging from ceiling has brighten the whole cafe.

If you are coming alone, the cafe has prepare a lot of magazine for you to enjoy your time in their cafe while drink a cup of coffee or have a meal. It's help to kill the time also. 

Alex. the owner of Coffee Me Darling has made a high chair bar area for the darlings (patrons) to have a seat at right beside the entrance. With the interesting small aquarium at the end to make the sight is calm and relax.

Let's we start our menu for today.


Wensberry Bliss RM12.90

Forest Almond RM14.90

Soups: Wild Mushroom Soup RM9.90

Cauliflower Soup RM9.90

All-Day Breakfast:

Big Breakfast RM21.90
You can choose your big breakfast with types of eggs (scrambled, poached, sunny side-up), come with variety meat includes Vienna Sausages, turkey ham, beef bacon or smoked salmon.

Egg in a Basket RM12.90

Tengku Tan Benedict RM15.90


Lotus Root Chips with Watch Curry RM8.90


The Ikan Percik with Lemongrass Pilaf Rice RM22.90

This is the recommended dish to you and don't doubt, it is very nice!

Griled Chicken with Oregano Mushroom Sauce RM21.90

Turkey Ham Carbonara RM21.90

Minced Lamb Bolognaise RM18.90 


Snore's Dip RM15.90

The dessert actually is mash mallow and you have to eat it together with the marry cookies and berries. The outer look has already melt our girl's heart, and the taste is good. But I not really like it because it's too dry for me when eating the biscuit.

The barista just crowned champion at the latte art throw down tournament very recently. This is the winning coffee art from the competition.

The taste of the coffee is good as it's look!

Taufufa Coffee RM12.90

This is one of the signature drinks in the cafe and invent by barista himself. Barista claim this is the famous coffee in Philippines. The Taufufa is put bottom in the glass and mix with the coffee. 

Cappuccino RM10.90

In other name, Doughnut Dome, You have to bite like you eating the doughnut so you are able to taste how it is rich. 

Thank you to make a very unique drinks to us with the very cute art work before the tasting event is over.

Alex has improved the coffee bean used ever since the cafe is open. Compared to the unique taste from the previous bean, the darlings now prefer the slightly nutty blend in Coffee Me Darling.

Did I mention that Coffee Me Darling has one of the most unique menu ever? With most of the item exclusively to them, it is also the simplest reason for all the darlings to keep coming back. Imagine wonderful warm menu, beautiful delicious coffee and relaxing cozy environment, I am sure everyone just cannot wait to a darling too.

The operation hour of this cafe is early from 8am until 12am midnight everyday. You can enjoy breakfast and coffee on day time and have your last supper before the day ends.

Coffee Me Darling

No.153, Jalan SS2/24, 47300
Petaling Jaya. Selangor


  1. I miss their S'more dip. Melt in my mouth and heart.

  2. I'm really curious about the taufufa coffee. How was the taste? Did you mix it or you scoop the taufufa to eat?

  3. I should not read your blog at this time, I'm so hungry now~~~
    The food look so delicious~~~

  4. I have heard this cafe before and a good review regarding the food. should try this cafe. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Forrest Almond looks like a delicious drink. Never been here before. Will check it out with friends.

  6. Wah the doughnut dome drink sounds so interesting!! :D wish to try it out hehe

  7. egg in basket look super good! nice place

  8. Gonna try it next time with bf! A lot of new menu that I never see one :D

  9. What a cozy restaurant. Will definitely pay a visit 1 day.

  10. food so nice!!! another cafe can lepak~

  11. Wow! Even though i not visit this cafe before, but i would like to pay a visit soon! Those foods and coffee! Aw

  12. What an odd name for a cafe. It certainly is catchy and memorable. Not a coffee addict but don't mind it once in a while.

  13. such a odd name but the food looks awesome

  14. I am definitely fascinated by the Smores... I want to try it!!!

  15. Love the ambience. Hubby is egg lover. Will check out the egg basket next round

  16. really so happy to see got such nice cafe in Malaysia now, mushrooming everywhere. the egg looks cooked perfectly.

  17. Should try the Tengku Tan Benedict coz it had the variety and portion is decent too.

  18. i like this cafe the moment i heard its name. the ambiance looks really awesome and comfy too

  19. Ikan Percik looks nice like you say! Quite fresh and I wonder how it taste like >.< Nice food review dear!

  20. wow...nice cafe with tasty food. I wanna try the egg in the basket & ikan percik :) Cheers,

  21. Been there before with my friends, love their foods, so delicious and has a lot of varieties :)

  22. I love their ambiance and the coffee. Most of all, Smore Dip!! Still missing it until now! T_____T

  23. Eggs in a basket looks pretty comforting to have. Would love to have a go at that one.

  24. oh yum yum !
    Tengku Tan Benedict look tasty !! i need it now T_T

  25. I went here before when I was working at Jaya One. It was a cosy corner to stay during weekend.

  26. Makes me hungry. The food looks great and surprisingly affordable. I will check it out :)

  27. What a cozy looking cafe. Love how the F&B are prepared nicely.

  28. Great blogger, I am your biggest fans, I love you ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


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