Friday, October 23

Milkcow Introduced Mini Cups @ Sunway Pyramid

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Anyone is an ice cream fans? Here is the excited news for who is ice cream lover!
Milkcow has launched their ice cream in MINI size with 3oz each! 

Though smaller than regular size, flavors are still jam-packed in each spoonful. Don't worry about the flavor is gone when it come with mini size. You still can get the same exact ice cream flavor in mini size with price RM4.50 only.

With the mini size, now you can having different flavors at Milkcow without over order them. Yes I have order few flavor and the portion just right to my stomach.

Milky Shot

Milky Way with Macaroon 

Milky Pop

Green Light

Milky Cube

Golden Angel

Sweet Red Bean

Any many moreeee! You still can add side toppings with your selection in mini cups!

Need some fresh yogurt milk? Here it is!

They also have their customized macaroon and the flavor is quite interesting for me. The Macaroon can choose from 3 or 7 per box. If you ask me what flavor should take home, I will recommend you take Salted Caramel and Rose & Lychee. 

Price range from RM4.50/pcs, RM13.50/3pcs and RM28.50/7pcs.

By the way, they are coming new flavors soon in their own 'Mix and Match Ice Cream Kitchen' for Halloween edition! If you are wondering what is the new flavor, stay tuned on their social media!

Milkcow Malaysia

Monday, October 19

Cafe Lafayette @ Damansara Utama

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Comparing to other cafe, I more in love to this cafe located on the first floor - Cafe Lafayette. Just right above Fat Spoon with signage below so you won't miss out them.

Mostly cafe is crowded on weekend where everyone is only free for cafe hopping on weekend. Cafe Lafayette is surprise me without crowded on this Sunday afternoon. 

I bet everyone will stop by and take a photo first before move forward enter to their cafe.

I love their ambiance and the cafe amazingly soundproof, you will not feel noisy at all when you dine in. I experience this all the time when I am having there.

The light bulb, the sofa, and every single decoration on the wall or corner, has make the ambiance outstanding from other

Our food and beverages is ready to serve.
Rose Cafe Latte RM11
I still remember I have a friend told me she having a best rose tea in Tokyo Pastry and so bad I haven't go try out yet. By the way, I having a fine combination of rose with latte and the taste just right. The rose fragrant is strong but is not fully cover the taste of coffee. 

Cafe Latte RM9

Cafe Mocha RM11

Elder Flower RM9
Recommend by a blogger friends to try out this special drinks come with flower and fruit flavor to bring you more fresh.

Fried Mozzarella RM12.90

This is one of the France bread name as Ciabatta bread can fully absorb the cheese served with homemade salsa sauce. The bread is crispy enough and don't forget dip with chili sauce when you eat it!

Mushroom Risotto RM15.90

Rice cooked with organic button mushroom, oyster mushroom, onion and cream. 

Orttagio Risotto RM15.90

Rice cooked with broccoli, green pepper, onions and carrot capsicum. 

I personally not really craving for risotto because I had tried out few and make me quite disappointed on it. But they bring me hope at here! The rice is fried with all the ingredients together and come with cheese. The taste just right with all the combination in the plate. Orttagio Risotto is a new menu for vegetarian eater and available during set lunch as well. 

Salmon Spaghetti RM18.90

Include Salmon, onion, cream and salmon oil stir fried with spaghetti. 

Hawaiian Chicken Chop RM19.90

Grilled chicken chop topped with fried egg, grilled pineapple, a slice of shredded cheese and cherry, served with garden salad and mashed potatoes.

Chicken Roulade RM20.90

Look like sushi but it is 8 chicken roll served with garden salad and nachos. Chef using the chicken breast as the skin wrap over the sauteed mushroom, green pepper and onion to ensure the taste will not run off. 

Balsamic Mushroom Beef RM24.90

The beef taken tenderloin part put balsamic vinegar and cooked with different type of mushrooms and onion. I not try out this dish but as my blogger friend comment the taste has a bit sour. Tell me how was it if you have try out this.

Retromarcia Cordon Blue Fish RM26.90
Deep fried fish topped with turkey ham, sauteed mushroom, baked with cheese and served Lafayette's house sauce.

Fish N' Chips RM18.90
Deep fried-dory fish in bread batter, tartar sauce, served with garden salad and chips.

Chef ensure the fish serve in freshly, all the fish is prepared well by using about 20 types of herbs to remove the fishy smell without frozen the fish. As chef mention, they are never take frozen fish served to their customer. All the ingredients are cooked individual in order to provide better taste.

Maryland Chicken RM17.90

Deep fried seasoned chicken chop served with garden salad and mashed potatoes. I'm not a fans of Maryland Chicken because of the deep fried. But you will get surprised when you taking the meat soft like a fish!

Siphon Coffee RM25

This is a atmosphere pressure called siphon extraction way and result 2 shots of coffee. It takes about 15 minutes to make  it and must drink after 1-2 minutes to ensure you can taste the full fragrant of coffee. The coffee is served in light but come with heavy taste. I bet you will love on this, because me as well.

Irish Cream RM10
This is one of the signature drinks which is combination hot coffee and cream on top to bring you heavenly. You can make this as your dessert after heavy meal. Recommend drink it as 1 shot and you will taste the hot and cold together in your mouth.

After write up for so many food, I bet you are confusing which you should have when you are visit. Let me help you make the choice. :)

My verdict at Cafe Lafayette
If you are coffee lover, recommend coffee here and I have a special coffee which is Siphon Coffee and Irish Cream. The flavor just in my memory can't go away.
They have prepare Elder Flower for who are not coffee lover.
I have a best risotto here and I cannot resist to eat more again. Tell me if you have the same thought with me too!
If you wish to seat at peaceful place, here will make you comfy and enjoy all the time.
Last, you can taste the best and freshly fish meat without any fishy smell at here.

Will come back again for their coffee to fix my caffeine and I enjoyed my day with great at Cafe Lafayette.

Cafe Lafayette
75M, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya. Selangor.

Wednesday, October 14

Press Conference of the 10th Venezuela Week @ No Black Tie

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The Venezuelan Week celebrations will take place from 19 October to 31 October 2015. Now in its tenth year, the Venezuelan Week is one of the largest Latin American events in Kuala Lumpur, offering a myriad of happenings such as concerts, a gastronomic festival, exhibitions, film screenings, seminars, a futsal tournament, as well as the famous Venezuelan Party

In line with the objective to bring both countries closer together, the Official Opening Ceremony of the 10th Venezuelan Week in Malaysia will have its great start on 19 October 2015 at the Craft Complex in Jalan Conlay, with a showcase of Venezuelan and Malaysian Latin jazz, handicrafts and sampling of finger food, giving a glimpse of what the 10th Venezuelan Week has to offer.

This year’s festival will feature Venezuelan jazz trumpeter, Michael Simon, leading his own quintet of prestigious Malaysian musicians. In collaboration with No Black Tie Records, the Venezuelan Embassy will be launching a live recording project with Michael Simon, entitled 'Destiny's Will', the first ever Venezuelan-Malaysian collaboration that will introduce Malaysia jazz lovers with his rendition of Latin jazz.

The most alluring event for those familiar with Venezuelan Week, especially Malaysians, is the gastronomic festival.In order to make the 10th Venezuelan Week bigger and more vibrant, the gastronomic festival will have not one, but two chefs from Venezuela; Chef Federico Martin Tischler and Chef Enrique Limardo.
From October 22 to 31, 2015, the Venezuela Gastronomic Festival will be presented at the Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences, offering a wide and delicious range of authentic Venezuelan dishes, such as Polvorosa de Pollo, a unique Venezuelan chicken pot pie, Carne Mechada and Asado Negro, amongst many others. The Venezuelan menus are available in buffet form for dinner.

While Kuala Lumpur is taken over by the colourful Venezuelan music and food, the Malaysian public will also get a chance to learn and understand about Venezuela’s long history with the 3rd edition of the Simón Bolívar Lecture Series in collaboration with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), and also through an academic lecture in Universiti Malaya with well-renowned Venezuelan philosopher, Professor Josu Landa.

Universiti Malaya will also be the venue of an art exhibition called “Images of the Venezuelan Territories”, which brings together lithographic works of major artists, such as Armando Reverón, Matin Tovar y Tovar, Manuel Cabré, Federico Brant, Antonia Azuaje, among others.

Ambassador Manuel Guzman commented that, “The festival is a great opportunity for all to participate as it reflects that Venezuela is a diverse and vibrant country. We would welcome all to attend and enjoy the Venezuelan Week as we have a fantastic line up of entertainment, there will be plenty of Venezuelan culture for people to discover even after 10 years of organizing this event.”

For enquiries, please contact:
Embassy of Venezuela at 03 2163 3444/45 or email
For more details, kindly visit