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Map's @ Bandar Sunway

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Knowing this cafe since last year, many FBI is going check in this place and blogger going to write up for their food and coffee. After that just realize the owner formerly of That Latte Place and he going resettled a new cafe at Bandar Sunway which is MAP'S.

This day, I am picking here to having my earlier breakfast on Sunday morning with BFF. We reach here when 9 am and already have one table is occupied at this lovely Sunday.

Simple ambiance and full with artsy wall decoration in each corner.

I like this corner come with cherry blossom tree and give a vibrant atmosphere. Let's we start to eat.

Fresh Orange Juice RM8
The juice is make on time after you take order, yes it's fresh.

Map's Porkballs RM16

The 5 porkballs served with slow cooked brown stock herbed gravy, roasted potato and salad.

Sure everyone will recall very famous meatball at IKEA. However, map's is make something different and using pork's balls become one of the signature dish from their cafe. 

But the dish is not in my expectation, porkballs is soft and tender but the sauce is too salty. The toast is very hard. The dish is only look large portion when come up a lot of roasted potatoes instead of porkballs. :(

Breakfast In Bed RM21

Absolutely big breakfast come with sliced pork bacon, cocktail sausages, roasted potatoes, baked beans, sauteed mushroom, sunny side up on a fairly large crispy toast. 

The portion is nice for me. However, the mushroom also too salty.

My verdict is disappointed with the meal, too salty! (I so scared my hair will fall when I keep eating, LOL) and give a lot of roasted potatoes to fill up the plate. I am wondering what is make the cafe so famous but come with the salty meal? Will not coming back for next round. Hopefully they will improve their meal in future.

**All the price shown inclusive 6% GST


9, Jalan PJS 11/2, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6010 219 3882


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