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HARAJU CUBE @ Empire Damansara

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Another day meet up again with dessert 'kaki' and we choose the most famous cafe with the luxury honey toast in town - Haraju Cube! Read from some review, the Haraju Cube is come with concept from Shibuya honey toast and they bring it to Malaysia.

We having a queue for about 15 minutes to get a seat. You can imagine how famous on them and everyone come to here just for this beautiful honey toast. Finally we get a seat and wefie first!

The cafe paint with yellow and white colour giving refreshing feel and bright in the cafe. The lighting here is pretty enough where I could take photo as much as I want. Even it was night, you no need to worry about it!

However, the cafe is not spacious at all and you will see it's crowded. But it's still good and relax to be seated, just because of the honey toast, LOL!

I think I will more relaxing if seated in this sofa, hahahaha!

They are having 18 types of toast and finally get 2 for us.

Strawbelicious RM25.90

One of the signature toast from them serve with whipped cream, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

There is 8 cube size toast inside and we are totally shocked because it's only 3 of us, how could we finish it? Oh my god. Well, just accept what we have done.

The crust of bread is hard and not easy to cut. We skip to eat this and guess a lot of customer do the same way like us. 

Haraju-Bomb RM32.90

Serve with banana, mash mallow with the choice of green tea ice cream. Not my preference but the green tea flavor not bad. It's look so messy and like a s**t. Not a good way to take photo.

We started feel greasy after Strawbelicious. :( I know the photo below is not match with the caption LOL!

Haraju Milk - RM8.90 each 

Left-Butterscotch, Right-Fruit
Milk lover? You should try this if you come to here! The milk is smooth and good in taste!
Butterscotch is the best seller in their restaurant and yes, it really good!

Each of toast cost RM22.90 and above and this is pricey with only thick toast. You have to share this with 2-4 person where it's huge toast, we couldn't finish it and make wasted on it. :(

The taste of the toast(cube size) isn't good as Franco. I prefer Franco than this. The dessert just good for photo shoot but not in taste. But still worth to try for one.  Remember add on your taste with their maple syrup on your toast.

*All the photos taken by Xiaomi Mi4. :)


103 Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8
Damansara Perdana.
Tel: +603 7733 5973


  1. Looks like an interesting cafe but if have to wait then not nice d. Problem of an Impatient man when it comes to food. :(

  2. I been there before. The portion is really big and we cant even finish it. And i like their Haraju Milk the most. :P

  3. The Honey toast is so expensive. The food look nice. Hungry after reading your post. :P

  4. The honey toast looks fantastic. Weekend here I come!

  5. delicious looking toast... never thought toast can be so pretty... hahaha....

  6. I wouldn't want to wait for 15 minutes for my table. I'd probably only visit when their popularity has waned a little.

  7. this place look superb! the food look delicious too.

  8. That is one huge looking toast! I feel full after looking at the picture lolx... But I bet it's yummylicious!! Envy**

  9. Awww! Looks so huge that toast, I think I can't finish it by myself, hahahaha! But I think I won't queue for it, I'm kind of impatient weirdo.

  10. Whoop! I went to this place before!! I love there strawbelicious, but tbh the shop is quite small :/

  11. Wow... Had to queue for 15 minutes in order to dine in ? From the food photos, I can understand why peoples willing to do that. I really need to try it myself.

  12. If sharing few people will be fun since the portion is so big. Have yet to try this coz it just looks too sinful

  13. T___T awww man I want to try this place with my friend but can't find a time to visit together. Since the portion is so big, is better to share it out with friends! super sinful desserts >.<

  14. I like their presentation of food and first one strawberrilicious is too tempting.

  15. omg Strawbelicious make me crazy !

  16. Great for photos but I heard others complaining that the crust was too hard as well. And yes, it's not that great looking after the ice-cream melts ya hahah1

  17. thanks for sharing this interesting cafe which serve some special foods. Gonna try their huge toast & fruit Haraju Milk :)

  18. Woah that's a really big piece of toast! Looks really good in the photos

  19. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)

  20. I know this place. They do provide interesting cubes~ :) That day I was with my friend and ordered Azuki-Matcha and we already fill so full lol.

  21. Now I want to go
    But the small space might hinders me hahha

  22. That honey toast looks to die for.. i can just imagine how good it'll taste. Yummmm..


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