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D'king Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake

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As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, many look forward to the moon cake, which is almost synonymous with the annual celebration. I never miss out to having one mooncakes for myself  even leaving from my hometown for the past 4 years. Thank you to D'king and I can having a mooncake to celebrate this festival.

Thank you to founder of D'king, Simon Chin for the delivery and finally I can craving another unique mooncake for this year! The packaging is nice with printed durian picture.

Who is D'king?

D'king is a premium durian mooncake Malaysia brand, introduces its Vegetarian SnowSkin Musang King Durian Mooncake in mini size and exclusive for one person portion. 

Mini size mooncake with single packaging.

What is the unique of D'king mooncakes?

D'king mooncake is prepare with the actual durian flesh without adding other flavor and baking SnowSkin to retained the durian flavor fillings up to 70%. This kind of high purity durian mooncake is very rare in market.To avoid the aroma and taste of durian will lost, the durians will be peel and remove the flesh immediately to prepare the mooncake fillings after durian arrives.

Playfoam with ice gel able to preserve the SnowSkin Mooncake up to 12 hours travelling time in chill condition. Suitable for travelers especially oversea tourist from Kong Kong and China.

They are doing D24 mooncake for last year and go for the most premium durian which is the famous Musang King in this year. The Musang King was selected for the creamy and sticky flesh, with it's strong scent and flavor that melts in your mouth.

Commendable the delicate SnowSkin is light-textured yet uniquely bouncy. Durian flesh flavor is fresh and rich with moderate sweetness, it is not greasy. The SnowSkin is thin enough to emphasize the filling but strong enough to hold it all. When I eat the mooncake, it makes me feel like mochi combine with ice cream in my mouth. This has make me recall the dessert I have at Sasagawa Restaurant and the texture is quite similar.

Chinese Press articles on the Famous Durian Mooncake by local Chinese newspaper

The durian mooncake had really taken off in China and Hong Kong, and is a favorite among several celebrities there.

How much of the mooncake?

Last 5 days countdown promotion for D'king supporter!

D'king Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang King Durian Mooncake (8pcs x 60g)

Retail price: RM128 /set
Promotional price: RM98 /set (Last order: 25/09/2015)
Delivery Charge: RM15/set (Single). Delivery is free for order two set and above. 

How to order?

Just Whatsapp to 012-664 8797 with the following instruction:
<Name><Address><Number of Sets><Delivery Date>

The mooncake done by handmade does not contain preservatives and artificial flavoring. Instead, it is packed with highest-grade Musang King durians sourced from Pahang. If you are looking mooncake gift, this is the perfect gift for family as well as corporate clients in this coming Mid-Autumn Festival. 

**Please call for special price if you getting bulk order.

Click HERE for more info about D'king or Facebook Page.


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