Thursday, August 13

Premiere Screening: One Night In Taipei 台北夜蒲團團轉 @ GSC Mid Valley

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After Lan Kwai Fong, the movie director, Wilson Chin Khok Wai creating another movie - One Night in Taipei and this is the first movie release in Malaysia! The movie has been comment by Taiwan's friend as the funniest movie as a decade in Taiwan.

Thanks to Grabnocost and Seeties, we were invited and enjoy the premiere screening of One Night in Taipei one day before the movie release. Once we talk about club, everyone will thought the negative terms for this place like playful or pick up the corpse.

The movie is talk about a thrills and absurd journey between 4 guys from Hong Kong and Taiwan . Caprio, a guy from Hong Kong has bought a diamond ring, come to Taiwan to giving a surprise and marry to his girlfriend, May. Unfortunately the ring was accidentally drop to ditch and he getting know new friend from Taiwan, to understanding the nigh club culture at Taiwan, and also promise to help him look for the ring.

A lot of funny scene from this movie and quite a bit different with "Lan Kwai Fong". Director is trying to emphasize the amazing night life culture in Taiwan instead to showing erotic part. However, some of the scene still been cut off due to Malaysian culture. (So sad to said about it)

From this movie, "play is not mean to sin", and you will see these clubbing person is actually much more simple at this society, they are trying to find for their truth love and being fool to pay for love. At last, they also learn to see the value of love.

The movie is release by today (13/08/2015) and you may go to cinema to buy for this show. Let's watch trial first. 

* All the picture taken from official website.


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