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Gala Premiere Movie: Knock Knock! Who's There? 有客到 - Meet with Kate Tsui @ GSC Pavilion KL

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In Lunar calendar, Seventh commonly known as "ghost month", or Obon festival to honor the spirit of one's ancestors. Of course, horror movie will released in this period. Today, I going to blog one of the ghost movie - Knock Knock! Who's There?

Thanks to Seeties and Grabies, 10 bloggers are selected to watch Gala Premiere Show - <Knock Knock! Who's There?> and get a great opportunity to meet actress - Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Carrie Ng (吴家丽) at the same time.

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Let's we see actor appearance in the cinema on that day! Their appearance has lead the non-stop flash towards to them and everyone's attention stick on photo shooting.

Kate Tsui claimed that the difficulty part on the movie is to build up the relationship with a cat actor.

The movie directed by famous actor -- Carrie Ng and this is her first time to wrote the story and act in the movie as well. 

The movie synthesize from 3 part of the ghost story to interpret and emphasize on "love", and also "heart", with the funeral home as story background.

Funeral home, is the last stop of the deceased one. This is also a place to "turn undead". Those ghost's soul without the ritual purifies commonly known as "Yin Ling" (陰靈). Due these ghost still keep the attachment, they will do something disturbing in human world which led to supernatural incidents to resolve the uncompleted matter or mind. This commonly known as "hit the ghost".

For me, first story is the most horror but also the touching part where Isabella (cast by Annie Liu) was died tragically in a car accident and re-united with her ex-boyfriend who works at the funeral home. However, the reunion between them is doomed from the beginning. (Ermm, girl like love story maybe, LOL, I prefer this story)

Second story is talk about heart and flesh for third story. To know more what's the story accordingly, go to cinema watch it and tell me how was it.

Casting by Annie Liu, Kate Tsui, Jennifer Tse, Baby John and Eric Kwok. The movie will released on 27th August 2015. Let's watch the trial first.

**Special thanks to Grabies, Cheah Mega Cineplex, Filem Kingdom Group and MBI, for the invitation of Gala Premiere Show and meet with actor. 

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