Monday, August 31

Authentic Japanese Cuisine @ SASAGAWA - Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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A very big honor for me to join the food review at Sasagawa Restaurant and get a chance to having full scale authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by Executive Chef, Hitoshi Sasagawa. They are going to served the traditionally cuisine like in Japan to target consumer who appreciate premium Japanese food.

The decoration is elegant and clean with the fountain at the center. The restaurant is design by architect of local Kyoto with atmosphere of the good old ancient city.

There is Japanese wine collection display on the table. You can see from the lobby of the restaurant.

You can sit in different area of the restaurant include casual dining area with view, private rooms and sushi bar seats. The seat is spacious and I can having my dinner with comfortable.

I love the restaurant ambiance where the design is utilized the Japanese tradition like I have fly to Japan. Greeting customer is a must from their culture to showing the respect of them toward customer. The settings of wood and it's look great when taking picture.

Sasagawa offer 3 type of dinner course and more than 90 types of a la carte in their menu. They also provide lunch bento to customer at lunch hour.

Today, we are going to having HANA menu or in other words, Kaiseki Cuisine for our food review at this evening. Kaiseki ryori is traditional Japanese multi-course haute cuisine. This dinner menu course price at RM350 nett.

It's always a great time to hangout with her - Ivy. Do check out her blog here.

Let's we check out the menu has served.

Appetizer - from top to bottom:
Fruits Tomato from KOCHI Prefecture, Japan
Cutlass Fish Nanbanduke . Kikka Flower and Loofah Marinated with Vinegar.
Egg Tofu topping with Salmon Egg. Golden Powder, Radish and Wasabi
Their appetizer often served on a long dish with a selection bite-sized appetizer. 


The seafood is freshly import from Japan and served by Daily Chef's Recommendation with 4 types of fish include Maguro (Tuna), Chutoro (Medium-Tuna Berry), Shimaaji (Striped Jack), and Salmon Aburi (Braized Salmon).

Grilled Dish

This will served either fish or meat. This is Kuroge Wagyu Steak (black hair cow) with Japanese Seasonal Vegetables.

Thanks to the chef kindness to prepare another choice for grilled dish for who cannot take beef - Awabi (Abalone) like me. 

Pot Stew

Japanese Style Onion Soup Stock with Braized Pike Conger, seabass, octopus with KUJO Green Onion, Mizuna, rolled Chinese Cabbage, Maitake Mushroom and lime. The taste is awesome as I can taste each of the ingredient inside the pot.

Steamed Dish

The most common steamed dish - Special Chawanmushi with a fish stock, that contains small morsels of mushrooms, chicken, seafood and ginko nuts.

Deep Fried Dish

I like this dish where they served they served the tempura with cha soba sushi in stock sauce mixed with glazed daikon radish, topping with white onion and wasabi.

Shokuji -This is a set include rice, miso soup and pickles (seaweed) to served before dessert.

Rice cooked in a small kettle topping with salmon, salmon egg and shiho leaf.

Miso Soup is cooked with their secret recipe and the taste is different with other Japanese restaurant.


They offer 4 flavor of ice cream to make up the final course. Choice from Yuzu (Lemon lime), Matcha (green tea) black sesame and Yukimi Daifuku (Mochi)

At last, we choose black sesame and mochi to end our meal.

Ice cream been cover by mochi and the texture very good. Like I'm flying to the heaven, LOL.

Have a photo opportunity with the Executive Chef - Hitoshi Sasagawa before we leave.

Hitoshi Sasagawa, has develop his skill under the training of Chef Tadamichi Ota and using the fresh Malaysian Ingredients to create the best authentic Japanese cuisine. To create genuine Japanese food, Chef Sasagawa has imported the best ingredients from Japan in order to serve better food to customer.

I having a good dining experience with the aroma of the restaurant and the Japanese food is impressive. Not only bring you beautiful food presentation, you can ever taste each of the ingredients from the food. Appreciate with the great work from the chef and also services from each of person from Sasagawa Restaurant.

SASAGAWA Restaurant

Sheraton Imperial Hotel
2nd Floor, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
Tel: +603 2602 3288

Friday, August 28

[GIVEAWAY] Premiere Movie Ticket - The Transporter Refueled

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The Transporter Refueled, another upcoming action movie directed by Camille Delamarre will released on next Thursday (3rd September 2015) in cinema Malaysia. This will be one of the movie in my watchlist and you will not going to miss out this movie.

Here my surprise to you who love to watch movie! In an exclusive collaboration with Grabies, I'm going to giveaway 5 pair (10 pax) movie tickets to my awesome reader to watch premiere screening of The Transporter Refueled at GSC Pavilion on next Tuesday at 9.00 PM!

5 Pair of The Transporter Refueled to be won!

Being a big fan of The Transporter, this is super exciting collaboration to allow my readers to experience the new movie from The Transporter.


Date                     : 1st September 2015
Venue                  : GSC Pavilion KL
Screening Time   : 9.00 PM
Redemption         : 8.00 PM - 8.50 PM at GSC Pavilion KL, Level 5, Grabies booth

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Wednesday, August 26

D'lee Deli Cafe @ Casa Tropicana

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Found a casual hangout place especially for dessert lover, located in Casa Tropicana. Never notice here have a nice place for dessert until I'm working around here. Just right beside the condominium and you can found them easily from road side. 

I like this corner, it is a good place to chilling with friends and have your coffee and dessert cravings. 

We come over here after dinner just for their dessert. If you are a fans of waffle, you will not miss it at this cafe and it really tasty!

Waffle, is their signature dish. You can make fun by wide selection of toppings and sauce at here. Each of the waffle is come with their own made soft-serve ice cream.

Custom Waffle RM15

We have make our own waffle with the selection of classic BelgianWaffle, toppings with mash mallow, dip with chocolate sauce and Vanilla ice cream.

Each waffle set is come with a choice of classic Belgian or chocolate waffle, 1 topping, 1 type of sauce and 1 scoop soft-served flavor of the day ice cream.

Apple Crumble with Ice Cream RM9

The apple crumble is heated when serving, the taste is not bad but it's not too crunchy. (Yes I love to eat crunchy). Not too sweet and the taste just right.


The dessert here is simple but satisfactory for the sweet tooth like me. They also serving food like sandwich other than waffle. Drop by here to having their waffle if you are around and tell me whether is tasty for you. :)

They are having FREE coffee promotion by order a waffle and take a picture post it to instagram! Remember hashtag #Dleedeli to redeem your free coffee.

D'lee Deli

Lot B09 Casa Tropicana, Persiaran Tropicana
47301 Petaling Jaya.

Monday, August 24

Gala Premiere Movie: Knock Knock! Who's There? 有客到 - Meet with Kate Tsui @ GSC Pavilion KL

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In Lunar calendar, Seventh commonly known as "ghost month", or Obon festival to honor the spirit of one's ancestors. Of course, horror movie will released in this period. Today, I going to blog one of the ghost movie - Knock Knock! Who's There?

Thanks to Seeties and Grabies, 10 bloggers are selected to watch Gala Premiere Show - <Knock Knock! Who's There?> and get a great opportunity to meet actress - Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Carrie Ng (吴家丽) at the same time.

Invitation Pass

With other blogger friends

Let's we see actor appearance in the cinema on that day! Their appearance has lead the non-stop flash towards to them and everyone's attention stick on photo shooting.

Kate Tsui claimed that the difficulty part on the movie is to build up the relationship with a cat actor.

The movie directed by famous actor -- Carrie Ng and this is her first time to wrote the story and act in the movie as well. 

The movie synthesize from 3 part of the ghost story to interpret and emphasize on "love", and also "heart", with the funeral home as story background.

Funeral home, is the last stop of the deceased one. This is also a place to "turn undead". Those ghost's soul without the ritual purifies commonly known as "Yin Ling" (陰靈). Due these ghost still keep the attachment, they will do something disturbing in human world which led to supernatural incidents to resolve the uncompleted matter or mind. This commonly known as "hit the ghost".

For me, first story is the most horror but also the touching part where Isabella (cast by Annie Liu) was died tragically in a car accident and re-united with her ex-boyfriend who works at the funeral home. However, the reunion between them is doomed from the beginning. (Ermm, girl like love story maybe, LOL, I prefer this story)

Second story is talk about heart and flesh for third story. To know more what's the story accordingly, go to cinema watch it and tell me how was it.

Casting by Annie Liu, Kate Tsui, Jennifer Tse, Baby John and Eric Kwok. The movie will released on 27th August 2015. Let's watch the trial first.

**Special thanks to Grabies, Cheah Mega Cineplex, Filem Kingdom Group and MBI, for the invitation of Gala Premiere Show and meet with actor. 

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