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[Non-Halal] Hee Lai Ton Restaurant (喜来登半山芭海鲜酒家) @ Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

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I just realized I never blog about Chinese food in my blog. Is not because I not love Chinese food, is because most of the time I spend my time with my family during eat Chinese food. As respect to elder, mostly I will not take out my camera to take photo. The food will not nice after the heat is gone as one of the reason I do not take photo.

But now, I going blog my first Chinese food post - Dim Sum. Thanks to my ex-colleagues, I have a chance come over here to trying the dim sum. This time actually also want giving a surprise to him as early birthday celebration. 

Before come to here, I thought they are only served wedding event. They also served ala carte menu and dim sum on ordinary day. The ambiance of restaurant is consider not bad, and the seat is many. There is crowded when we reached, wait around 5-10 minutes will get a table.

Alright, let's start feed our eyes:

Steam Pork Dumplings with Shrimp and Fish Roe RM 7.50

Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumplings RM 7.50

Steamed Chicken Feet with Eggplant RM 6.80

Fried Prawn Wanton with Red Wine Sauce RM 7.50

Oven-baked Pastry Puffs filled with Barbecue Bun RM 7.00

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Mushroom in Hand-make RM 7.00

Fried Fish Balls with Fried Minced Garlic RM 6.50

Steamed Bean Curd Rolls with Oyster Sauce and Dry Scallops RM 7.00

Crispy Yam Puffs filled with Pork, Mushroom, and Honey Sauce RM 6.80

XO Stir-Fried Radish Cake with Bean Sprouts and Bonito Flakes RM 9.00

Steamed Rice Flour filled with Barbecue Pork RM 6.80

Fried Rice Flour filled with Pork (Another version of rice flour)

Roast Pork Belly

For Roasted Pork Belly, I still prefer Brussels Beer Cafe, The skin is crispy but the meat is soft. You should try the roasted pork belly there and drink Hoegarden Rose at the same time.

Here the birthday cake for uncle. LOL

It's a nice meet up and gather.

As overall, food is good, but service quality is moderate. I love their dim sum because most of the dumplings will include prawns inside. (Yes I love to eat prawns :P)

The price range start from RM6-7 and above, consider standard, worth to try. 

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant (Pudu Branch)

3rd Floor, Shaw Parade, 
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2148 8666

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