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I Am 80's Cafe @ Taman Rasa Sayang, Petaling Jaya

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Another big group of food review again with bloggers. This time, getting know more other bloggers after B.G.T Lakeview Restaurant & Bar. I'm the first one reached the place and take opportunity to photo shoot quickly around cafe. Once step in the cafe, you can see the ambiance is colourful and the variety of printed cartoon pillow is decorated.

Is that Michael Jackson? (red pillow one) Aww, he has been turn into cartoon pillow as well!

A very cute wooden train decorated on the counter.

Lollipop! I always see these in my primary school's canteen, hahaha!

Some tea selection display at the counter.

Outdoor of the cafe.

I thought only few table is available in the cafe, until the owner ask us to go down just realized there is basement available in this cafe, which different like other cafe that make it first floor.

Some of the used things are placing in the available space at the stairs. Some of them is remind my childhood. Actually I'm not 80's, I even younger ok, but I do see these things during childhood.

I ate those snack hang on the wall when I childhood!!

The ambiance design for basement more on retro nostalgia. Once you go down, you can see many black records are decorated on the wall, with variety animation and cartoons album cover place at the rack. 

Movie lighting card and rattan rocking chair is part of the decoration represent 80's cafe.

Basement space is spacious compare to upstairs. Basement is more to group dining.

The environment more reminiscence when soft lighting reflect to the wood table and chair.

Even the menu also vintage, look like our workbooks during primary school.

Mushroom Soup RM9
Must have as appetizer in every restaurant or cafe. Mix forest mushroom with thick cream and truffle oil.
Ceasear Smoked Salmon Salad RM19

Baby gem with spicy crouton, wantan skin

80's Brunch RM35

This is the big breakfast and the portion is served for 2 person include sauteed onion potato, garden salad, scrambled egg, baked bean, smoked chicken ham, 12" chicken sausage, hash brown and baguette. Do take note the brunch is only available during Saturday and Sunday.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop RM21

The chicken chop grilled with black pepper raisin oil, served with garden veggie and roasted potato.

Smoked Duck Pesto

80's Signature RM75

This is a sharing platter which served for 4-5 person.1/2" Roasted Chicken, Fish and Chips, 12" Chicken Sausage, Onion Ring, Sweet corn, hash brown, garden salad, Pesto bread. (side w BBQ and Tartar sauce

Frozen Fruit Smoothies is look good when place on the rack.

From left to right: 

Lychee Sour Soup & Mint Leaf RM15
Peach Mango & Magic Ball RM14
Mix Berries & Dragon Fruit RM16

I am 80's Cafe specialty coffee!

SARSI! I love this during childhood! My sister sometimes will buy it and I'm the always bully by her in order to drink this, LOL.

You can drink slowly and put it like this.This is creative way to drink Sarsi, hahaha!

While we are almost finish the meal and busy talking to each other, owner is served "Gong Piah" which is one of the traditional cookies from Sibu, Sarawak. 

"Gong Piah" is baked with crispy skin and chicken meat. I like how they going baked this cookies and it not too soft and not dry too.

Dancing in the Pan

This has remind me the sizzling brownie at Acme Bar & Coffee. In 80's cafe, the owner has create different with other. The pudding toast at bottom and mix with 2 flavor of the sauce.

This dessert is specially feeding our eyes during the owner was served the hot pan and topped with vanilla and chocolate sauce, you will see the sauce is dancing now on the hot pan. 

You have to eat it immediately after the sauce is topped on the hot pan, and enjoy the hot and cold in your mouth.

Yes, let me have some fun~

Guess who is behind? hahahaha

A group photo with bowner- TK Dong, before we are leaving.

I love their french fries, even potatoes! The way they cooked are too nice! Or maybe I'm fans of potato? Their potatoes can satisfy my appetite, LOL

You can bring your pet here to enjoy dining! They will open to public bring their puppy for every two weeks on Sunday. 
If you are 80's, come to here to yearning your childhood, and might awake something that you forget behind. 

I Am 80's Cafe

35, Jalan 4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 7497 2846


  1. Sounds cool to have basement in a cafe haha. I think I'd love its quiet and relaxing ambiance too

  2. Interesting looking set-up... Jalan 4C ... hmm.. where the heck is that, didn't know there's a Taman Rasa Sayang in PJ and I've lived in PJ all my life. LOL

  3. I was having fever when I visited this cafe. Din play around the pillows there.
    Miss their chicken chop. :)

  4. such a lovely place to eat and dine.
    Gonna check out this place soon.

  5. The interior is really decorated like those days haha. Those snacks reminds me of the time when I was young :D And gong piah! Wow am so surprised that they have it, time to go!

  6. new cafe on the block? love the deco. the food look super delicious too

  7. Wow... that is a very interesting way to drink sarsi! I shall try it with my coke bottle. does it feel different?

  8. So cool! and im surprised on how cozy it looks. I HAVE TO GO AND CHECK IT OUT MYSELF <3

  9. Miss their food a lot. I love the sozzling brownie!!! Opppsss. Craving for it now.

  10. Awww... this place is too pretty... and it is so calling my name...because it is just so nostalgic...I would love to try that Charcoal Grilled Chicken Chop too... looks yummy

  11. This cafe looks really fun & quirky! There are so much competition for cafes now!

  12. Such a nice gathering we have it here! Gonna visit this place again miss the fun =D

  13. i am from the 80s as well! :D... nice cafe for me to go soon

  14. This place so cool. I am 80s too so I should visit this awesome cafe.

  15. i love their mushroom soup and sarawak laksa

  16. This cafe is cuteeee. i love the pillows and the fruit juices in the bottle. Looks very hipster >.<

  17. Heard so much about this place, the Ceasear Smoked Salmon Salad looks really appetizing, would like to try that out :)

  18. Looks good food there. And the animals cushions are too cute!


  19. Seeing all the photos here, mades me miss my age during 80's. All these are my favourite.

  20. The pillow so cute! Reminds me of the pet-friendly cafe near my place "Howling Cafe"


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