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Madam Kwan's Grand Opening @ Sunway Pyramid

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Congratulations to Madam Kwan's open a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid! They have 8 outlet total in town now! Thank you Madam Kwan's include me as one the blogger to join this great happening and together we are sharing this happy moments!

The new outlet is minor different concept with other outlet. I have to said the design of this outlet is more towards on nyonya and accordance to traditional Malaysian style instead of other outlet likes Pavilion (last entries) or KLCC more class. I like this outlet where the design is more casual and definely good option for group dining!

Here the gold scissors prepared for ribbon-cutting ceremony!

Of course lion-dance will be here which is one of the Chinese custom to bring propitious for new opening outlet.

Let's explore how the new outlet is look like.
The potrait of Madam Kwan's is painted on the brick wall to bring the outstanding of the restaurant.

Yes she is here with her own potraint and grandchildren as well! How cute of both of them!

Of course I will not miss out this photo opportunity with her!

The design like a birdcage is consider as private section for patrons who wish to group dining or business dining. With open environment to bring out the simple and casual ambiance of dining.

Yea the interior is quite wider and face to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon theme park. You may enjoy your dining experience with the view of theme park.

Madam Kwan's Sunway Pyramid is one of the outlet provide cakes in their restaurant. If you wish to craving a cakes after Malaysian foods, why not take it here without runaway with only looking a place just only for cake.

They do provide 4 type of cakes where these cakes are representing the Malaysian style like Kelapa Melaka Pie, Red Velvet, Chocolate cake and also Chocolate Durian. All the cakes is taken from Just Heavenly.

Kelapa Melaka Pie RM15.90

This is a typical Malaysia dessert I think. Kelapa mean coconut and Melaka is a state of Malaysia with famous on nyonya culture. I not resist the taste and it not over sweet yet. I believe foreigner would like to try this if they willing.

Choc Durian RM15.90
Honestly, this is rich with Durian taste and the ingredient is accordance to the value of money. The Durian is not smell stronger due the choc fudge is cover outside, once you put it in your mouth, rich Durian is cover in your mouth immediately! I like it!

Of course, the menu of Madam Kwan's still the same and thank you again prepared these delicate foods to us! We are happy to enjoy the same dish again where their meal really nice!

It is worth to mentioning, the curry chicken is cooked and prepared by Madam Kwan's herself in the early morning at her kitchen to serve all the patrons as well as to us, and other guests! I have to said, how lucky we are!

Madam Kwan's persist her idea in preparing the best of the foods to her customer. So they are not allow to serve any overnight meal to customer. No matter how, all the dish must prepare on the day to serve customer!

Great spending with other bloggers and friends!

Madam Kwan's @ Sunway Pyramid
Ground Floor & Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No.3, Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway.
47500 Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
Tel: +603 5613 7297/98


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