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Boat Noodle @ The School, Jaya One

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Boat Noodle or it call as kuai tiao ruea is a Thai style noodle dish sold in a small boat. The noodle is serves as rice noodles come with chicken and beef. You can choose both meet in sour or spicy flavor.

A big boat place outside of the shop easier us to recognize.

Thailand road sign
I sure that most of you already heard about this and go to queue up for trying their noodles perhaps. Many Instagrammer and blogger keep upload the photos and talk about it.

Cozy interior with wood table make us feel like eat in the stall.

Since everyone already known about this, let's the photo to hunger you. For mine. I prefer spicy flavor and better than sour. By the way, don't worry if you cannot take spicy, because it's not stronger as you think. Your taste bud definitely will wake up and will keep order for another bowl.

Chicken Boat Noodle (Sour)
Served with fish ball, parsley and make it very tasteful. 

Chicken Boat Noodle (Spicy)

The portion is quite small and cost RM2 each. Of course you can finish it with one mouthful. 

More and more of boat noodle is coming! 

Here we are 4 person take the challenge! Could you count how many bowl here?

We already feel full with only these!!

They have 5 branch now in Klang Valley and you can visit the nearest place on you.

The School, Jaya One P2. (Same floor as Cold Storage)

Empire Damansara -- G03A, Heritage Lane
Ikon Cheras -- G Floor
Publika -- Lot 30A, Block C5, Level G3
Klang Parade -- 5th Floor
Gamuda Walk Setia Alam


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