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NOOKS by Baker Dave @ Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

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Previously, they name as Baker Dave, started by baking and customized 3D cakes. NOOKS by Baker Dave is right opposite of Hartamas Chopping Centre and linked with an overhead bridge. I not familiar with the place, so I find some time to looking their cafe located. Actually their cafe is easily found and you will see it when enter Plaza Damas through linked bridge.

Now, Nooks by Baker Dave is offer variety foods at affodable prices. They are using quality ingredients for food and dessert. 

NOOKS -- mean corner and their cafe is located cosily at the corner absolutely. 

The seat in the cafe is not much. Each tables are arrange at the corner. You can choose any table or seat with a corner you like.



I love how they going make the woods and insert a board, so vintage! This is specially design for us to take photo with beautiful background! Hahaha!

Tote bag is specially designed by Nooks.

Yes it is!

A special corner for the cake photos.

Before we start our food review, here some appetizer to us while waiting the food done. 
Cucumber and carrot dip in honey mustard sauce. This is very healthy meal and not available in their menu. But I fall in love with this combination and I wish to make one too when home.

Let's we start for the food.
Nooks Duo RM13.90

Tuna mayo and scramble egg on 2 soft buns with cucumber & tomato. Personally like tuna very much and always the prefect match in sandwich.

Nooks Breakfast RM14.90

Eggroll with turkey ham, cheese, chicken sausage, one slice of toast with butter & jam. The toast serve is bread of the day. All breads are from the kitchen and they are alternate between wholemeal, black sesame, wholemeal flaxseed and multigrain. You will get different bread everyday in their breakfast!

Sesame Chicken RM16.90

Vegetarian chicken, carrot, shitake mushroom, sweet peas in roasted sesame sauce. If you take vegetarian, don't worry, here is prepare for you. Sesame has make the dish more insence.

Spicy Carbonara RM16.90

Spicy cream sauce with turkey ham/chicken ham and shitake mushroom, topped with cheese & freshly cracked egg yolk. Personally recommend this, I like the spicy flavor and lead the carbonara different with usual.

Nooks Pumpkin Chicken Curry with Rice RM14.90

Golden pumpkin cooked with chicken breast in homemade curry belacan sauce serve with egg, tomatoes and cucumber. If you like pumpkin, should not miss out this!

Redang Chicken with Rice RM14.90

Chicken cooked in freshly prepared homemade spices served with rice and fried egg.

Nooks Signature Burger  RM14.90

Homemade chicken patty with barbeque sauce, cheedar cheese and tomatoes on homemade wholemeal burger bun serve with french fries.

Roasted by Lighthouse coffee roaster. A medium bodied blend of central american & african coffees, caramel like sweetness with a hint of nutty attributes. This is absolutely a reason to sip a cup of hot coffee to balance up our tastebud. Perfect drinks when having the sweet cakes!

Mango Cheesecake RM9.90
Creamy cheese with Belgium mango puree delight your mouth! The mango was rich in this cake! You will fall in love with this if you are the mango lover!

Ultimate Chocolate RM10.90
Triple layers full of dark chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and chocolate cake. The name didn't go wrong with this cake at all! Absolutely ultimate chocolate!

As I mentioned earlier, Baker Dave is specialized in cakes and bakery. Check out their customized 3D cakes! This is a cute lady bird cupcakes and been decoration in the cafe.

Photo opportunity with Baker Dave and other bloggers as well!

Yes, definitely is me! Hahaha!

I like the way they prepare the dish. Acording to Baker Dave, all the dish is inspired by travel and mom's home cooked food with fusion twist. I have no complaint about their food, I love home cooked food and this reminds me my mum. You will feel it if you leave from your home away. :(
If you are somewhere around Sri Hartamas, you can check out Nooks by Baker Dave for a quick morning meal or tea break with your prefer corner.
Let me know if you have try something different and would recommend to me back. :D

NOOKS By Baker Dave

C-00-06 Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6211 7686
Facebook: Nooks by Baker Dave


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