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Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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Palsaik is known for their 8 flavors pork belly which is hot pepper, soybean paste, curry, herb, garlic, pine leaves, ginseng, and wine. Before Chinese New Year is coming, we have a reunion dinner before all of us going back our own hometown and also like a farewell dinner where Joanne gonna leave from us, Christine perhaps too. :'(

Well, I always being the organizer which to find out the place suitable for our dinner theme, LOL! Palsaik's menu is simple and easily for you to make your choice. Since we are 5 person and of course we choose full set and add on fried rice for last.

The 8 flavour set is include 8 types of ingredient pork belly, vegetables, grilled deodeok root, and also a pot seafood soup. This set is enough serve for 3-4 persons. 

The waitres is place the wooden tray which represent the 8 flavours of pork belly.  

The pork belly slices are rolled up in dainty plates. How amazing the presentation of pork belly.

Here the 8 flavours pork belly: 

Clockwise: Hot pepper, Soybean, Curry, Herb

Clockwise: Garlic, Pine leaves, Ginseng, Wine

Even we are 5 people here but at the end still have meat was left and fried rice. We have to thanks to the 2 gentleman and finish it all. :)

If you are only 2 people also can pick 3 flavor set which cost RM92 and sure will not dissapointed you. Beside they also have premium set cost RM142 which same with 8 flavor set but premium contains premium kimchi instead our picked which is basic kimchi.

Alright, the waiters will cook kimchi with garlic and sprouts together on grilled pan.

The waiter will start to grilled the pork belly and lying on the hot pan cooked slowly.

A row of vegetables with lettuce, basil leaves, sesame leaves, green peppers etc is ready to serve.

The ingredients of seafood soup quite rich which contains crabs, squid, clams, tofu, prawns and etc. 

Once the seafood soup is serve thought that is general type of fresh seafood soup and there have original sauce possess in the pot.
When the soup is boiling, whole pot of soup instantly become red and it was salty and spicy! This is the good combination when eat barbecue with hot spicy soup together!

At last, gentleman feel their stomach left something and we going add on 2 bowl of fried rice to satisfy them, lol!! 

Stir Fried Rice RM12/bowl

The essence of seafood soup can be used for bibimbap. From here just getting know this is the way of eating from Korean barbecue.

For more information visit their website and facebook! 

Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia
J-01-09, SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, 
No.2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 6211 0383
Facebook: Palsaik


  1. Wahhh I miss having Korean food especially the kimchi <3

  2. Miss Korean food so much, but too bad my bf only eat chinese food :(


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