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[CLOSED DOWN] Korean Royal Feast with New Hot Pot Cuisine @ Bulgogi Brothers, eCurve

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Are you a korean food lover? If this question throwback to me, of course I am! I always hunting korean food before and stop it recently due hunting another type of food. Thanks again from the invitation and have a chance to try the new hot pot cuisine from Bulgogi Brothers! Honestly I never been Bulgogi Brothers before although always plan for it. Here I going to talk about this awesome korean royal feast!

Korean Royal Feast

Bulgogi Brothers introducing 4 defining flavours featuring Korea's signature taste of Kimchi, an assortment of meat and garden fresh vegetables which a complete experience hot pot dining to delight diners. 

Hot Pot or Jeonggol consider to be a lavish meal for upper-class Koreans and members of the royal court in an integral cuisine in Korean dining. Hot Pot contains a variety of ingredients like meat, vegetables and soup bases instead Jjigae, which is a stew dish consist of mainly one type of ingredient. Bulgogi Brothers come with new selection of healty hot pots in this new year and you may enjoy the fun to cook as you are tasty to eat.

I like the ambiance of Bulgogi Brothers where you can enjoy your dining experience with the contemporary decor, sophisticated lights, and they also playing K-pop music! Who are the K-pop fans, here should be your selection to dining while enjoy K-pop music and MTV!

Ban Chan is the must have in Korean dining! Each hot pot is come with 6 type of Ban Chan and 1 welcome food!

 Beef and Mushroom Hot Pot RM39.90

This hot pot dish consists of succulent, tender selection of beef and a medley of delicious mushrooms. 

Combine it with appetizing rice cakes and garden-fresh vegetables that radiate the vibrancy of Spring, this delightful dish will certainly satisfy your appetite. 

This hot pot meal come with the rice and we cook it at the end but you also can tossing all in beginning, as long as you tasty to eat. I like the soup which sweet where is come form their own recipe.

Spicy Ham and Sausage Hot Pot RM39.90

This is challenge my tastebuds, the Spicy Ham and Sausage hot pot is a marriage of American and Korean flavours. 

This dish comprises of fiery chicken ham and juicy sausage, coupled with rice cakes, beansprouts, mushrooms and assorted vegetables.

Yes, you can see how spicy of the hot pot like. But I still can finish it, hahaha!

Beef and Kimchi Hot Pot RM39.90

This hot pot dish consists of a best-known Korean specialty – kimchi and come with Udon.

Served with beef and vegetables, this dish is cooked over tangy kimchi broth that will give you an explosion of flavors.

The kimchi actually place behind of the meat and the soup will full of Kimchi when you starting to cook.

Spicy Seafood Hot Pot RM52.90

Not to be missed for all you true blue seafood lovers, this hot pot dish includes a plate of fresh and plump clams, crab, prawns, mussels and squids, cooked over a spicy broth, together with an array of vegetables.

Don't miss out if you are a seafood lover!

You can enjoy the Hot Pot feast in various way. Of course you can cook by your own. You can choose from broth, noodles and rice to prepare your own meal by tossing together the preferred ingredients of meat and vegetables to create a palatable pot of noodles or a rich satisfying rice porridge meal, topped with seaweed and eggs. Apart from that, you can also savor the hot pot dish as a light stew by pouring delicious broth and letting it simmer briskly.
The hot Pot portion is great for sharing with friends and family. Seriously I enjoy the hot pot cuisine at Bulgogi Brothers with other blogger friends where we are gather around and chit chat a lot when eating. I really love to gather with friends and enjoying the food at the same time. However, I have to surrender that I really not so K-pop where they are very excited when talking about those Korean celebrities. But it's a good sharing, hahaha!

For more information, visit their website or contact for inquiries.

Bulgogi Brothers @ eCurve [CLOSED DOWN]
G-03A, Ground Floor, No. 2A Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7722 3633
  Bulgogi Brothers @ Mid Valley [CLOSED DOWN]
Tel: +603 2282 2292

Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm Mall
Tel: +603 7887 3541

Bulgogi Brothers @ Pavilion KL [CLOSED DOWN]
Tel: +603 2141 9620   


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