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Frame Thai @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

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Normally when taking Thai food, I always go for the one that I used to go and seldom hunting for new one except recommended by friend. Since Thai food is difficult to me fall in love if the food is not in my expected. Frame Thai, another Thai restaurant located at the area that inconspicuous (but most of the people is getting know this place) which same raw with Food Lover restaurant. Being here with a friend where he found this restaurant have a traditional Thai cook and most of the worker here is not Malaysian.

The restaurant is quite small with limited table and chair, not the restaurant that you imagine. Here will be crowded and full when lunch hour and you need to queue up for seat.
I been long time never have this kind of experience taking my meal in small space. Usually those restaurant have comfort seat with huge area for you to dining. By the way, I like this kind of restaurant, it's casual and freely to move but not cautious.

Menu is in Thai words, but don't worry, there also have english. :P

When u getting inside, you will see they are sell a lot of Thai traditional pastry and in complete packaging. You can buy and take it away easily.

All the Thai traditional pastry here made freshly everyday. Even I am sitting there, I can see they busy to prepare and cook those meal and pastry for patron.

Oh my God!! I never see Coca-Cola in bottle for long! I miss it and I get it from here!! 

Wide Rice Noodles in hot and sour soup

Wide Rice Noodles in chicken soup
  Both can order as half or full portion with the price RM5 and RM8. I only take half portion is enough for me while for guy, usually will take the full portion to fill up their appetite. 
This is grill pork chop I guess. 3 for RM10.

Sorry for not remember what it's call as. You can see an uncle busy to grill those hot dogs and other when you get in with first step.

I like this!! This is a Glutinous rice pack in pandan leaves with the flavor that I'm not really know it, LOL! But honestly, this quite nice!

The price is quite reasonable and worth to pay! Definitely will come back again for other dish like Mango fish, Mango salad.... since I am Mango lover, hahaha!!

Frame Thai
Block A-G3, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17.
46400 Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
Tel: +603 7954 4688
       +6016 981 3182

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  1. The like the food here and price is affordable too. So many new Thai Brands in KL nowadays. Have you check out ChaTraMue: Original Thai Tea since 1945? They have about 30 outlets in Thailand and just recently open third outlet in Plaza Low Yat. Currently have outlets in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and Berjaya Times Square,KL as well. Love the aroma, strong tea flavour and the original Thai taste. #ChaTraMue


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