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MAD About Coco @ Publika

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Finally I come to here and I really MAD with coco! Lol!!
We went right after our dinner and it was easy to find which right above Mee Jawa.
This is another dessert place that has attract a lot of young people to hang out where they only serve everything with chocolate.

They have a signature symbol that make you impressive which is the picture of hair explosion. The interesting is your hair will explode after take their delicious chocolate dessert!

You have to order at counter from the entrance.

There are some furnishs and decorate place at their counter.

The interior design is full of nostalgia with checker flooring.

The decoration is combination of old element and modern twist where the design is quite exquisite.

The seating place is quite attractive which it is a suitable place for couple make a date.

They also available another section which is suitable for group or having a party at the end's of restaurant where cover with the curtain that can see through.

Since we already taken dinner, so we order 2 desserts to fulfill our sweet tooth. 

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball
The desset is magical with the unique shape where the tiramisu cake was nested inside the white chocolate ball.

The server will place the hot chocolate on the chocolate ball and it will melting.
The combination of tiramisu with hot chocolate have bring freshly taste and the chocolate flavor is strong.

MAD About Coco

This is their signature and never miss out to trying this dessert! A slice of chocolate with signature symbol place on the top of chocolate cake. WIth the same act where place the hot chocolate on the top of slice chocolate, the chocolate melting will mix with the chocolate cake and make it dense. 

The dessert is too sweet to me or it may said is over. I still prefer Salon Du Chocolat where the taste just right.

Mad About Coco

A1-1-9, Solaris Dutamas 1,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 K.L.
Tel: 03-6211-9988


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