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PLOY @ Damansara Height

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November always the most birthday celebration month. Of course to my girl friend, sister, buddy, the one who also November baby! Headache to finding place for the celebration and I'm the one who always being a celebration planner for my buddy. :P
Alright, after research from instagram, finally I make the celebration at here --> PLOY.

PLOY is a Modern Asian dining restaurant. It also means ‘gem’ in Thai. Inspired by the true gems of Japanese and Thai cuisine. This is a great dining place where we can choose the food from variety cuisine instead the particular western restaurant.

Let's we have some food and drinks before the celebration.
Frozen Strawberry Ice Tea RM17.60
Both of us have a same idea to having stawberry mocktails! Ice tea is blended with whole strawberries and the taste is good.

Snow Flake Sushi Roll RM28
This is the special sushi meny for year 2014. The unagi & avocado rolled in cucumber with bonito flake nori.

Spaghetti Spicy Lamb Ragout RM26.50
The portion is big and having some spicy, served with plum tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Crispy Japanese Kare Rice RM22
Chicken curry roux doused on crispy rice and curry is not spicy like the spaghetti. Originally introduce to Japan by the British when India was a colony, it is now a beloved Japanese national dish.

PLOY's Black Fried Rice RM30.50
One of their recommended dish. Comes with squid ink, seafood, crunchy Thai sweet basil, egg yolk, chilli.

Spicy Salmon Pizza RM30.50
 This is absolutely good! I like the pizza is made with crispy and thin crusted! The pizza is comes with salmon, oyster mushroom and fresh mint leaf.

Most of the meal we taking is more on spicy flavor, I not sure what happen to us and having these menu for the celebration. Luckily all of us is able taking SPICY, LOL!!

The birthday cake for November baby, so cuteeee! 
(I want to mention is me choose it! LOL!! XD)

See how happy from her face getting a surprise birthday cake from us!

Happy Birthday babe!

Of course we having non-stop photo session until most of the patrons are leaving from the restaurant. Oh My God! :P

We are having the similar outfit with same colour without any arrangement or promises on that day. We are definitely sister, buddy, couple at all!

The meal from PLOY is more for sharing due the portion for each meal big enough. Besides, sharing meal always a great option to having celebration and also meet up with friends. PLOY do provide business set lunch which the place located is business area. As overall, it is a good dining place.

G-2, WORK@Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan, 
50490 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2095 0999


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