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Christmas Menu @ Delifrance

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The sound of Christmas is coming soon and I can't wait to celebrates the joy of Christmas.
If you don't have any plan for your Christmas, Delifrance is offering variety of new festive menu to share the joy with customer likes cakes, bread, hot meals and other sweet treats. 

Santa Play Land Gift Cake RM48.90
Red Velvet cake topped with sour cream cheese with santa decoration on top is the best gift cake to you in this Christmas.

Rocky Land Gift Cake RM35
Belgian chocolate cake topped witg ganache.

Salted Caramel Tea Cake with Walnut RM16.90

Double Chocolate Tea Cake RM16.90
Both tea cake is baked with moist and soft where is the best for afternoon snack.

Cupcakes RM5/each

Moist cupcakes topped with icing, with a choice of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. The cupcakes will be pack in a gift box.

Stollen Bread RM9.90
This is a bread-like fruit cake and always eaten when Christmas in tradition. The stollen bread is soft and not too sweet.

Dark Chocolate Almond Rocher RM15.90
Roasted almond strips coated in delicious dark chocolate.

Chessy Turkey Pasta RM15.90

The spaghetti is tossed in cheese sauce and topped with strips of roasted turkey ham.

Provencal Lamb Stew RM34.90

The lamb shoulder is grilled and drenched in brown sauce. Served with a side salad.

Poached Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce RM34.90

Poached salmon fillet garnished with dill sauce, placed over mashed potatoes and served with a side salad. 

Before the party is dismissed, we are giving a chance to decorate and design our own gingerbread man. It was so fun and another experience to us.

Yes, this is how my gingerbread look like. It was so ugly but I like it. :P

Gingerbread man (Santa Helper) is sell at RM4.90 each but of course is not mine, but from Delifrance. 

The macaroon always the best sweet treats to a girl especially in Christmas time and this is one of the signature of Delifrance with their own recipie. 

For the Christmas set menu is come with F&N Seasons' iced lemon tea.
The new menu is available at all Delifrance outlets in Malaysia except airport branches and Seremban. They also provide Christmas catering and customised catering for any party or celebration.
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