Friday, November 21

Mr. & Ms @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

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Finally I visit the hottest cafe in Oasis Ara Damansara with unimates. Mr. & Ms is becomes the spot in search for breakfast or brunch, coffee and dessert as well.
Even there many cafes are growing like mushroom in town, however, Mr. & Ms Cafe is still remains busy most of the time and being crowded when we were reached. Luckily we get our seat once we reaching due the lunch hours is the most crowded moments may have a long queue.

Here you can pose with the signature moustache and lips (Mr. and Ms.) props.

My lunch partner of the day! :D

Here is our brunch treat:
Spiced Baked Eggs with Sausages

This is a mouthwatering, filing meal of soft baked eggs and sausages, with minted yoghurt, spices and olives in a claypot. The wholemeal toast is brekkie!

Just dip the toast into concoction, it was flavourful! Honestly I fall in love with baked eggs recently!

Butterscotch Pancake

The pancake is made of four stacked pancakes accompanied with mix berries, grilled banana and lingered with rich butterscotch.

The butterscotch is thick and sweet, while the pancakes were not fluffy enough.

The Bloomers

Toasted bread come with classic turkey ham, cheese, eggs, served with chips. The portion of sandwich is too big and one person not able to finish.

This is a great place to havng a casual breakfast and coffee in afternoon. However, the place was crowded all the time especially lunch hours and the foods are a bit pricy. You may make a reservation before you go, to avoid long queue and leaving with dissapoint. 

Mr. & Ms.Cafe
B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Square,
Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603 7859 6665

Tuesday, November 11

Jam & Kaya Cafe @PJ Palm Sport Centre

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This post had been dragged on two months due to not manage time well in updating my blog. Since I only post it from instagram or wechat moment is more simple and the faster way to share but not write at here. LOL!
What kind of breakfast or brunch you always take usually?
Breakfast is nothing more than a big breakfast or egg omelette.

There is another hidden cafe inside the sport centre where you have to pass through the swimming pool to getting their cafe. Jam & Kaya is represents the frienship of Janice and Karen who studied in Melbourne before and left with a dream of running a cafe they were cherished there.

The tables are few and full occupied when we are reaching. You have to be there early in order to waiting get a seat due the size of cafe is small which accommodates roughly 10 tables only.

They are serve breakfast whole day til 5pm.But they also feature wide selection of foods like pancakes, cakes and pastries. Drinks like coffee, tea or juices also available like cafe usual.

Here is our brunch treat:
Farmer's Pancake Breakfast

Feature sunny side-up, pancakes, hash brown, chicken ham, sauteed button mushroom, and salad leaves with syrup.

Egg Royale

Feature irresistibility delicious pouched eggs, resting atop thick slices of smoked salmon and crisp leaves in a croissant.

I like the the interior and cozy ambience where this is a great place to catch up session and chilling with friends. You may choose the seat either wooden chair or plush sofa in front of the cafe with lighthing. Besides, the white walls and windows is enough to fill up the cafe with a generous amount of natural sunlight. No matter how you take the photo, the result sure will not make you dissapoint. 

One more again, the services from them friendly and cheery! No matter how busy the times, even place wrong dish to another table, but they always smile with you and never make you feel cautious. 

Jam and Kaya like a house, you can enjoy your meal and time with comfortable.
Definitely will come back for their cakes and pastries soon.

Jam & Kaya Cafe

No.1, Lorong Sultan, 46200 PJ, Selangor.
Tel: +60 16- 667 5078
Their menu features a wide selection of cafe food such as All Day Breakfast, pasta, pancake, cakes, pastries and more. For drinks, there’s coffee, chocolate drinks, soda, fruit juices and tea. - See more at:
Their menu features a wide selection of cafe food such as All Day Breakfast, pasta, pancake, cakes, pastries and more. For drinks, there’s coffee, chocolate drinks, soda, fruit juices and tea. - See more at: