Monday, August 25

Pizza Hut Food Tasting Event: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Last weeks I been invited to an amazing food tasting event which introduce the new and improved pan pizza from Pizza Hut at Pavilion! There a lot of media and bloggers been attended this event and everyone is start to eat from 8pm until they are closed! This is my first experience to eat a lot of foods a night and have a great gathering with all media and bloggers. 

Pizza Hut introduce their new and improved pizza with satisfaction guaranteed where the pan pizza is freshly prepared, quality ingredients and have a great taste.
Satisfaction Guaranteed is: If you are not satisfied with the taste, they would gladly replace it with another with FREE!

In addition to the new and improved pan pizza, Pizza Hut also introduce 18 new items in their menu including appetizers, pasta, beverages and dessert as well.
After a speech from Mr. Low, Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia, food event is starting and waiter is serving all the new items from the menu and new pan pizza to us. 

Following will be a lot of food photo and prepare to feel hungry after read it!

Meat Lover's Pesto (beef)

Pesto Chicken
Both pan pizza are newly introduce where the sauce is replace by pesto sauce instead the traditional tomato sauce. Meat Lover's Pesto is come with beef while another is chicken. The taste is not bad but the taste is feel a bit vegetarian when taking pesto chicken.

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Wings

Hut's Platter

Creamy Foundue

Flaming Prawn Rice

Chicken & Cheese Baked Rice

Pollo Arrabiata Spaghetti
I like this! The sauce and texture is good and recommend for this!

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti
Follow the new introducing new pan pizza with pesto sauce, of course new spaghetti offer pesto sauce as well.

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Fettuccine

Mama Mia Meatballs
I like the taste come with little spicy and stimulate my appetite.

Chocolate Tiramisu Twist

Tiramisu Treat

Molten Lava Cake
Dessert always the perfect ending for meal and recommended for those dessert lover! The chocolate is too smoothly and the texture for outer is great! Just adding RM7.50 with set order and you may enjoy this dessert!

All new menu and pan pizza were release and you could get it from any Pizza Hut near from you! Reminder that you are not satisfy with the taste of pan pizza and you may request to replace it with another!

Sunday, August 3

Sevencups @ Empire Damansara

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I just realize I had missed out this post since 2 month ago!
Yes, I'm not an up-to-date blogger :'(
Alright, I have to blogged the newly open cafe which located at Empire Damansara. 
Since it was still new when I was visited, hence they are only serve coffee and cake. 

They are located G25.

Don't worry you will be lost at here, they are so creative and put a signboard to guide you go into their coffee shop. 

I fall in love with this place when I getting here.
The building was design with vintage and the brick painted be alike you are in another country. Of course this also bring another advantage to the shop operate at here.

You will fall in love at here with the view and drink your coffee.

They are using wooden table and bench at here.

Do not doubt it! :P

Hello, Good Day!!

The menu is simple and show at the counter.

They are selling coffee beans as well.

Lemon Meringue Cake

It was not sweet and the texture is good.

I was forget what cakes is this, SORRY! :(

You must have a cup of mocha when you are sitting here and take your sweet.

Oh my God!! Honestly I really fall in love at here and will be back soon! :D
The coffee is not bad but it also made with failure due the foam is being bubble sooner. The price is acceptable where they are pricing as market price. If you wish to having a relaxing day with seeing beautiful view, try come to here and sure you will fall in love too. :)

G-25, Empire Damansara,
Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana.
Tel: 03- 4065 0037