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My Elephant @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

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My Elephant, I had heard for their restaurant over a year but never get chances come for trying their foods. Although I always wander in Petaling Jaya area but not in Section 17. Because in my impression, Section 17 is housing area and it is. So where My Elephant is located? My Elephant hiding in a residential-flat neighborhood. If someone who not familiar this area might not notice them.

This is visit with unexpected when we are finding any place to dinner.
And My Elephant is pop out from my mind and ask to getting there just for trying how well of their Thai recipe! 

The restaurant was neat and paint with white colour on the wall. The indoor decor is simple and pretty enough. This is surprisingly when I enter to the restaurant. If you wish to having some small party, this may be consider as your choice. 

TomSom-- Seafood
Clear galangal, lemongrass and lime soup with aromatic Thai herbs. To knowing whether the Thai food is tasty, tomyam soup is a must to trying and myElephant, did it.
Gaeng Keow Wan
This is Thai green curry chicken and the curry is too good without spicy.

Plah Meuk Yang Prik Kluea
Grill squid with chilli and salt. This having a bit spicy and the degree of spicy is varying for each individual.

Thai KangKung
KangKung is stir-fried with belacan and minced chicken and this always a good combination to bringing tasty.

Green Mango Cooler
Thai special green mango with lime

We choose Hom Malee and Brown Rice as our rice. Even we are 3 person (girls only) but all the meals component is come for 2 pax. Surely can satisfy your appetite. Beside this outlet, they are also having another 3 branch in Hartamas, Aman Suria and USJ 9 as well. Kindly check from their facebook or website.

P/s: Photo for this post taken by Alcatel Phone. Apologize for the quality of the photo.


Block C-G4, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13,
Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 010-220 1283


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