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[CLOSED DOWN] Blogger Party @ IsMe Beauty & Café, Kuala Lumpur

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Lucky and thanksgiving I been invited for the new opening cafe-- IsMe Beauty & Café which located at Bukit Bintang area where beside the ROYAL Hotel. This cafe is opening since 1st of May in this year. The owner is born from the beauty and slimming industry. The design of the cafe is come from the beauty concept, they trying to convey a message to female could live it up their lifestyle and sharing beauty product to finds their true beauty as well. 

Patrons could enjoy in listening relaxing music and to take pleasure of fine food in their cafe. Besides the design of the cafe is unique, the coffee they pick not bad too.

The ambiance of the cafe is cozy with the colour to use which is white and blue. This is distinct with the ordinary coffee shop in town. Their theme is more prefer to Korea style and combine with beauty saloon.  

Each sofa to be seated include a small pillow. How utmost care of the cafe owner to make their patrons especially ladies enjoy their time with ease in the cafe.

The menu is list with clearly at the counter. All the food and beverage have been compute based on the calories need to absorb each day by person especially ladies. For the girl no need to worry their weight with take too much sweets or food. All the food and beverage they prepare is light and surely will fulfill your appetite.

Breadstick with Tuna and Fresh Salad

Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti

The spaghetti is not too creamy with proper taste.

Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti  

Oreo Cheesecake

Cheesecake is homemade without putting any preservative and gelatine.
Honestly, this is not too sweet and I like it. 

Tiramisu (with alchohol)

Their tiramisu got a bit different with other where you can direct taste the brandy with first spoon from the top but not at the last. The brandy is strong comparing I take previously.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

After heated will be like this. This is too sweet for me. 
If the sweetness reduce a bit may better :)

Each of the meal have a sign with a quote.

It's inspiring, I love it!

Cafe Latte

Lemongrass and Cucumber Juice
Both healthy drinks have strong in lemongrass and cucumber. I will not resist with the taste and it will refresh your mind.

Cafe Mocha
Anyone is mocha fans? Yes I am! Recommend this where the coffee and chocolate is combine with proper!

How fortune we are have a chance to learning how to make coffee!
Here we are preparing wearing the apron to start our lesson, lol!

We pay full attention with the making of coffee.

I am learning it with serious ok? Lol!!

The milk is important in the coffee. Right side is being fail and the left is the success and smoothly. Yes, undoubted, left side is mine and I pass to make it. :P

Alright, starting pour the milk with coffee.

**Photo credit by Jean and thank you so much shoot me nicely :D

My first coffee was failed and I request to make another coffee again!
So this is my coffee made-- Cappuccino

Alright, it's still not bad. They told me I have talent become as barista actually. :P
So I am drinking my own made cappuccino. (pieces!)

Here Mr. Tarick-- barista of the cafe and teaching us how to making coffee.
Thank you so much for the sharing from you :)
Glad to join blogger party and know you all :D

They are starting to launch their cafe card -- IsMe Card and you will a gift after you apply it. This is a cup cover attach with a silicone crystal on the top and look so delicate when put on your cup.

Thank you so much for the invitation from IsMe Beauty & Café and give us the best experience of making coffee! It was fun! :D

IsMe Beauty & Café (Beside Royal Hotel)
Lot B-1-1, Block B, First Floor, Bintang Fairlane,
23, Jalan Padang Walter Grenier
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110 6191 


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