Tuesday, March 25

The Good Batch @ Damansara Utama

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Coffee place has become a wave in town recently.
Most of the coffee place has been exploring and listed out in news or website become the top coffee place must be visited or try in this year.

One of the coffee place has been listed is -- The Good Batch

With a simple arrangement and using wood table and bench as features of their coffee place. 


Three decks of frech toast stuffed with turkey ham, homemade Bechamel sauce mixed with gruyeteParmeson topped with two sunny side up

Norwegian (Recommended)

Smoked salmon, capsicum and onion confit topped with a pair of perfectly poached egg and lemon. Hollandaise and on lightly bread.


Two scrambled organic egg with a side of capsicum and onion confit, baked portobello mushroom and a vine of ripenned cherry tomotoes served with lightly toasted bread.

Potobello Road

Breaded Portobello mushroom with wilted spinach and tomatoes topped with perfectly poached eggs and homemade Hollandaise on lightly toasted bread.

They are serving all day breakfast, so no matter what time you getting there, you still able to enjoying the breakfast meal for whole day even when dinner!

Recommend with their Norwegian dish, it something like salmon scramble egg, but they are changing the egg to poach egg, introduce a bit difference taste with before.
Should go try and enjoy when you have time!

The GOOD BATCH (Same row with +Wondermilk)
53, SS21/1A, 47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7733 2303


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