Tuesday, February 11

[CLOSED DOWN] Taiwan Honey toast @ Uniquecap, Section 14

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Another dessert cafe from Taiwan is opening in Petaling Jaya at Section 14, which is near to the Digital Mall. I totally attract by their toast when I see the photo. For a dessert lover, how could I give up to trying it? Finally, I'm coming here!

This is one of the decoration put on the table when Christmas season.
Yea, actually I came here when Christmas.

Santa Claus is flying~~ Lol!!

Rose Hip Tea, Matcha Green Beans Milk Shake, Strawberry Milk.

Cluck-Cluck Chicken

Fruity Forest


I am totally recommend for their cafe due to the honey toast made is super duper delicious! I more prefer the fruit foresty, I think might because girl more prefer to the fresh taste, isn't?

Of course my friends more prefer to the Cluck-Cluck Chicken because both of them told me they are carnivore, lol!!

I must compliment to the services provide by lady boss. Once we are coming, she take the menu to us and explain one by one the types of honey toast they are provides according to the 3 types of flavour includes salty, sour, and sweet. Each of the flavour has different taste. Listen to the tone of lady boss when speaking, I think she probably come from Taiwan and opening a cafe at here.

Uniquecap (Near Digital Mall)
No.25, Jalan 14/20,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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