Friday, February 28

[CLOSED DOWN] Steam N Grill Burger @ Setiawalk

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What do you think when a Malaysian's favorite cuisine has become burger?
Yes, sounds like interesting!
Steam N Grill Burger is the first restaurant to innovate local specialty burger in town where to emphasize the Malaysian cuisine to become burger.

The feature of the burger is the patty made from steam and grill without fry so the patty is more juicy and tender. Their patty is served with special marinated overnight patty sauce. Another features where the buns they are using is 100% naturally yeast without preservative and colouring which is more healthy. There are four types of buns as your choice includes original, charcoal, spinach and whole meal. 

Firstly, you have to go to the counter to make an order.

This will vibrate when your order is ready and you have to go to the counter pick your burger.

Well, here our burger is coming!
Otak-Otak burger with Whole meal buns

I like the way they combine Otak-Otak in burger, you will taste the difference!

Serunding burger with Spinach Buns

This is one of their signature burger with beef meat.
The bun is really full with spinach taste if you eat its separate!

Satay Burger with Charcoal Buns

Although the satay sauce more heavy and we can't feel the taste of patty and the buns.
Should be trying to change the buns option for this in next time. 

The french fries is come with special topping which is wasabi and cheese where more difference with usual topping like tomatoes or chilli.

Don't forget stick one at here before you leave!

This is one of the program they are running where you will get a free burger when you get 6 stamps everytime you are visit.

Steam N Grill Burger Restaurant (Above Affin Bank)
J-3A-1, Block J, Setiawalk, Persiaran  Wawasan,  
Pusat Bandar  Puchong, 47160  Puchong, Selangor. 
Tel: 03 5880 4191, 019-711 9722 

Tuesday, February 18

Rendezvous Steak Garden @ Kampung Pandan

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Most of the people knowing the most famous western restaurant allocated besides main road at Kampung Pandan, next to the Caffeiness. They are serving western foods with the reasonable and affordable price. 

Surely this will be an alternative for couple to taking a budgeting Valentine's dinner at here. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite romantic and comfortable. There are few choice seat for you to sit likes in an open or roofed area, in a swing, inside a huge bird cage or even under a tree. The words, Rendezvous mean as "appointment" in French and their restaurant is set up with open concept. A good place to gathering with friends and family.

Here the order, sorry for the bad quality of photo and there are no filter.

Lemon Blues, Salted Sour Plum, Orange Juice

Lamb Leg served with Mint Sauce

Flambe Cognac Chicken

Spaghetti Napolitana

Fondue Cheese Chicken

This is one of the place you can considered if you are looking nice western food with affordable price.

Rendezvous Steak Garden
No.14, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, February 11

[CLOSED DOWN] Taiwan Honey toast @ Uniquecap, Section 14

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Another dessert cafe from Taiwan is opening in Petaling Jaya at Section 14, which is near to the Digital Mall. I totally attract by their toast when I see the photo. For a dessert lover, how could I give up to trying it? Finally, I'm coming here!

This is one of the decoration put on the table when Christmas season.
Yea, actually I came here when Christmas.
Santa Claus is flying~~ Lol!!

Rose Hip Tea, Matcha Green Beans Milk Shake, Strawberry Milk.

Cluck-Cluck Chicken

Fruity Forest


I am totally recommend for their cafe due to the honey toast made is super duper delicious! I more prefer the fruit foresty, I think might because girl more prefer to the fresh taste, isn't?

Of course my friends more prefer to the Cluck-Cluck Chicken because both of them told me they are carnivore, lol!!

I must compliment to the services provide by lady boss. Once we are coming, she take the menu to us and explain one by one the types of honey toast they are provides according to the 3 types of flavour includes salty, sour, and sweet. Each of the flavour has different taste. Listen to the tone of lady boss when speaking, I think she probably come from Taiwan and opening a cafe at here.

Uniquecap (Near Digital Mall)
No.25, Jalan 14/20,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.