Friday, December 27

Morganfield's @ Pavilion Shopping Mall

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I'm not sure how we could finished those big big portion meal at supper night.
Because we took for half an hour stuck on the road with unknown problems, some more our stomach is hungry til the limit, we are really like dinasour when start to taking our dinner. Lol!!
Finally we reached, parked and walk towards to the restaurant with quickly, we still need wait for 15 to 20 minutes due to the tables are full. So we walk around and took a lot photo in the mall to waiting their call at the same time. 

All right, enter to the subject!

Aqua Fresca, Blue Teapresso, Begonia

Mango & Lime Lassi

Cafe Latte

Sticky Bones is their famous main dish in their restaurant, you could not miss them!
Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs- Full Slab
The ribs cooked with hickory smoked, grill and basted with Hickory BBQ sauce, served with french fries and coleslaw.

Smoke Peppercorn Spare Ribs - Half Slab
The flavors is likely with black pepper, served with red skin mashed potatoes and garden veggies.

The Cheesy Burger

 Grilled and topped with the trio, cheddar, gruyere and mozzarella.

Tequila-Spiked Chicken
Halved chicken marinated with spicy tequila, lime paprika and char-grilled, served with french fries and corn bread.

Are you ok? Calm down calm down! Lolll!! xD

No appetizers, no salads, no side dish,and the most upset is~~~ NO DESSERT!!! (TT)
Well, I'm not upset with that actually, because I really having an overload dinner and no space for dessert anymore. Some more, their dessert has not attract me.

This is very super satisfied dinner I had ever! Enjoying a great holiday one day trip with friends, really made my day when together with all of you!

Thank you very much to each of you! :)


C4.03.00, Level 4
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2141 3192


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