Tuesday, October 1

Gathering Dinner @ La Risata, Ampang

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Review before at Damansara on 19 Jan and 06 Feb.

This is another branch located in Ampang and more classy design with 2 storey restaurant.

Consider this is our last day to gathering with our old friends come from hometown so we decide to have an Italian meal as our last dinner.

At first, we are choosing this as our appetizer
Antipasti Misti (Good for 2-4 persons)

Antipasti platter includes grilled mushroom, deep fried calamari rings, beef carpaccio & garlic crostini with chicken liver pâté

Pizza Bianco
Pizza D'Anatra

Primi Piatti
Spagetti Alla Risata

Spagetti Alla Cabonara
Spaghetti with beef bacon in a cream sauce

Open Di Carne Special (Menu of the month)

Bevande Analcolici
Fresh Fruit Orange
Grapefruit Cranberry Breeze
Espirit Passion Fruit (with cream)

Sicilian Bombe (Sharing by 2)

Meringue covered liquored sponge filled with lemon cream flambéed with brandy – cold on the inside & hot on the outside!

Pick Me Up! (Tiramisu)
Layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso & filled with Italian mascarpone cream cheese.

The dinner has cost us much a bit because of the meal of the month which is recommended by them. However, this restaurant still in my favourite! I really like their foods!

Will miss all of you guys and girls! :D


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