Friday, October 11

Family gathering @ FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid

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Bought a voucher again to trying the new menu and have a big family gathering day at the same time! The quantity of food is being reduce obviously compare before.This is obviously showing the inflation problem occur again after the price of fuel is raising. This is very common issue and I being using this kind of word and phase to doing my assignment recently! Lol!

Here their new menu offering!
Soup Of The Day (I am forgotten what soup it is)

Mushroom Soup

Korean Noodle with Turkey Ham

Korean Lamb Shoulder


Chicken Chop-Thyme

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Pesto Chicken Pasta


Nasi Kurma

Watermelon, Orange, Ice Lemon Tea

As overall, the food is being moderate. However, the service from this restaurant is totally bad. Especially for the malay girl reception, her name is called as NURUL welcoming us when we are arriving. I am very dissapointed with her services and being a bad attitudes when communicate with patrons. The restaurant is shows they are limited in human resources NEED to be consider by their management! I not think I will be come back to this branch anymore.

If the restaurant being a very good management and I no opinion with it. But when you keep opening new branch but not solving the human resource problem, I think this restaurant is giving a failure services, specially the persons who direct interact with customer, no matter you are a manager, supervisor, waiter or other role.

Doing a business should know that: Customer always right.

If you are not understand with this, please refer back to this statement.


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