Tuesday, September 10

[Signature by The Roof] The Hill @ Damansara Heights

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The Hill is closed down and move to The Roof, Bandar Utama, name as Signature by The Roof.
Have a date with a girl friend never meet since 1 year ago. The last time we were meet when I travel in Singapore and have a romantic dinner in the rainy day, lol! The gathering of this day also will be another romantic day to us! :D

Choosing to dine at here because we already purchase the Groupon voucher for the cocktail drink since 3 months ago. Due to the voucher may expired soon, so we are decide to using it and make our dinner once at here.

The Hill separate to 3 part which is The Garden, The Restaurant and The Lounge.
We are taking our dinner at The Garden before we continue our cocktail drink at The Lounge.

Apple, Orange, Watermelon

Sashimi Salad

The Hill Signature Pan Fried Salmon

Smoked Duck in Creamy Tomato Sauce (Penne)

Green Monster (Recommended!)

The mint sauce prepare from them is the best sauce to serve with the lamb burger!

Cake of the day-- Cheese Cake with Flanbeed Cherries

To avoid over full, so we order only 3 main course to sharing between us.

After that, we direct go upstair to The Lounge to enjoying our drinks.

It was still early when we are getting there, when the night become late, more patrons are coming and the live band showing.

Of course having a lot of shoot when only four of us! :P

Watermelon Slush---Best Seller of The Hill!


Marmalade Pie

Pink Elephant

I like this much! The combination of the Rum, Red Wine, Lemon Juice, Lemonade & Fresh Fruit Cubes really amazing!

This is the most valuable photo because shoot for many times but this one is the most perfect!

I think we are almost become crazy. Shoot again before leaving! xD

The Hill located at Damansara Heights, as the name, really like the hill, and you need to climb up to reach their restaurant. Don't worry for girl, surely you can wearing your heels to climb up. :)

Have an enjoying day with you girls! :D


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