Tuesday, August 13

[Gathering] Namoo On The Park @ Publika

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I have to said I Miss U All since study break is start and less than a week we have to taking our exam. Although very free on this semester, but seems not have any activity we have done. However, we have a date on this day at last and be funny at whole day because beside eat, eat again, hahaha!

Enter earlier on 19th Nov.

We have our lunch at here!

White Kimchi Cold Noodle
Is it look like Malaysian Meehoon Soup? hahaha!

Bibi Rice Burger

Recommend to share with this meal, it was totally big portion and I couldn't finish it. The taste not bad, but too dry. :(

Sweet Potato Cake
It can't be denied, the cake still in my favourite! I love it!

Hope we will have a lot of activity soon in coming semester! :D


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