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[CLOSED DOWN] The Norse Bar & Bistro @ BB Park

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I think mostly some of us will not notice a place located at here besides who are working near around this area. The map show of this restaurant was located near Pavilion area but the actual location is in front of the Low Yat Plaza! Lol! Thanks for the customer service from The Norse Bar was very good! The staff tell me the direction to reach their restaurant with patient. This is commendable!

(All photo of restaurant ambience taken from website besides food.)

Well, we reach here and found their restaurant easily with sign board!

Their restaurant located upstairs and below is the bar.

Here our food and sharing together by 3 person. 

Salad Niçoise
Salad consisting of tomatoes, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, and tuna dressed with vinaigrette 

Pumpkin, Tomato

Main course:
Chicken Chop

Served with spicy wedges, mixed sautéed vegetables, and mashed potatoes

Lamb Rack (Recommended!)

Served with mixed sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes
Creme Brulee

Chocolate Brownie

Actually the portion is insufficient to us, for main course is very suitable for 1 person specially girl, you could finish it no need sharing again. 
The taste of the foods are good. Recommend the Lamb Rack, the meat is cook with softly and good to control the time when they are cook. The dessert of chocolate brownie was a bit hard. :(

The ambience of restaurant is very good. I like the way their design but the seats are insufficient due to the lack of space. You have to make a reservation before you go to avoid dissapointed.


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