Monday, August 26


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Having a late brunch on public holiday with buddy, really an enjoyful day for them because can sleep for more hours than usual. I'm like an unemployed person all the time and I know it's not good for me. Anyhow, I'm prepare to meet my new busy and dying semester soon, lol!

The Nosh Full Monty

Grilled Chicken


Very limited dining space. When we are reaching most of the tables are being reserved because they are offering afternoon tea at the time. 

Walking around at the Bangsar Village Mall.

Have a great night! :)

Wednesday, August 21

Marini's on 57 @ Petronas Menara 3, Persiaran KLCC

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Have been heard this place long time ago, but never have time to visit here.
Very lucky that we have chance to make it!
Sometimes, the decision made out of expected is the most surprising! Lol!

 (Repost Instagram photo)

All right, Marini's 57 located at the 57th floor of Petronas Tower 3. This is the highest restaurant and bar in the Kuala Lumpur. There are 3 section which is restaurant, bar and lounge.
The restaurant was full when we are reaching, so we decide to visit The Lounge.

You will see full of wine arrange on the cabinet at here.

Melow Sundown Cocktail

Brancott Pinot Noir

Tanno E Fungi

Panna Cotta

I'm never thought that my camera will die of the battery at this moment! I had forget how long I didn't charge of it. It's totally killing me! 

So there are few photo was taken at here. Even the quality of photo is not much better than before, but it was very precious. I have to post up no matter how.

Have a good night to chilling out with buddy add on the excellent environment at here.
Dress code is apply at here with smart casual and must 21 years old and above.

Saturday, August 17

[CLOSED DOWN] The Norse Bar & Bistro @ BB Park

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I think mostly some of us will not notice a place located at here besides who are working near around this area. The map show of this restaurant was located near Pavilion area but the actual location is in front of the Low Yat Plaza! Lol! Thanks for the customer service from The Norse Bar was very good! The staff tell me the direction to reach their restaurant with patient. This is commendable!

(All photo of restaurant ambience taken from website besides food.)

Well, we reach here and found their restaurant easily with sign board!

Their restaurant located upstairs and below is the bar.

Here our food and sharing together by 3 person. 

Salad Niçoise
Salad consisting of tomatoes, green beans, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, and tuna dressed with vinaigrette 

Pumpkin, Tomato

Main course:
Chicken Chop

Served with spicy wedges, mixed sautéed vegetables, and mashed potatoes

Lamb Rack (Recommended!)

Served with mixed sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes
Creme Brulee

Chocolate Brownie

Actually the portion is insufficient to us, for main course is very suitable for 1 person specially girl, you could finish it no need sharing again. 
The taste of the foods are good. Recommend the Lamb Rack, the meat is cook with softly and good to control the time when they are cook. The dessert of chocolate brownie was a bit hard. :(

The ambience of restaurant is very good. I like the way their design but the seats are insufficient due to the lack of space. You have to make a reservation before you go to avoid dissapointed.

Tuesday, August 13

[Gathering] Namoo On The Park @ Publika

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I have to said I Miss U All since study break is start and less than a week we have to taking our exam. Although very free on this semester, but seems not have any activity we have done. However, we have a date on this day at last and be funny at whole day because beside eat, eat again, hahaha!
Enter earlier on 19th Nov.

We have our lunch at here!

White Kimchi Cold Noodle
Is it look like Malaysian Meehoon Soup? hahaha!

Bibi Rice Burger

Recommend to share with this meal, it was totally big portion and I couldn't finish it. The taste not bad, but too dry. :(

Sweet Potato Cake
It can't be denied, the cake still in my favourite! I love it!

Hope we will have a lot of activity soon in coming semester! :D