Thursday, July 18

Little Korea @ Solaris Mont Kiara

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It's being crazy for me to having a korean meal at the night and Japanese meal on day time at the same day. Lol!
What happen to me? Just guess it! :P
This is one of the nice place to make gathering with family and friends and the location is strategic too. You can easily find out by seeing their big signboard on the road.

Ban Chan! This is compulsory appetizers before having our main dish!

Dduk Bbok Ki

Cha Dol Bae Gi (Beef, Not mine, I'm the one not take this)

Sam Gyoub Sal (Pork)

Dak Gal Bi (Lamb)

Kim Chi Jeon Gol (Steamboat)
Sure for having kim chi steambot to complete our meal!

Actually you can ask them to serve your order after they are complete make it.
Like us, we ask them make it on our table. Unfortunately, their restaurant not provide the range hood and when he barbecue the meat. (I just noticed when he starting the barbecue). Of course, you will feel the hotness. :(

They do provide private room for celebration as well. It a bit pricy but the quantity serving is not "little". Worth a try.


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