Friday, July 12

[CLOSED DOWN] Dinner @ Takahashi Cafe, Pavilion

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Having a western food in Japanese restaurant, sound like a bit weird?
I think that is one of their special in the menu.

 Restaurant ambiance!

These two guys..... (while waiting the food serving)

Noob~ hahaha!

Start our meal!!
Ebi Furai Burger
(served with fried prawn)

Teriyaki Chicken Burger
(Japanese grill chicken)

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
(stir-fried pasta served with wafu sauce)

Beef Bacon & Egg Cabonara Pasta

Cheese Wedges

Purple burger is their restaurant signature bun! How unique with that?

Of course all this meal must served with green tea, but unfortunately, I was always forget to take photo of beverages, lol!

After finish our dinner, just walking around the mall for easy digestion.






I got this!!!
I Love You CONYYYYyyyyyy! >o<

Piece with MOON!! ;D

Have a nice weekend to all of you! :)


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