Saturday, July 27

S.Wine Cafe @ B.I.G Publika

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The theme of this restaurant is all about PIG.

The restaurant is located deep inside in the Ben's Independent Grocer that you will not easy to find out if you are not always coming here. If you can't figure out just trying ask the staff, they are very pleasure to tell you. :)

This is what you will see when enter first step into their restaurant, pink piglets decoration!

At here, please don't order anything beside PORK! Lol!

A very simple menu with a cover of a pig!

How beautiful of the fresh flower put on the table!

Consider we are still very full after taking an evening tea at The Coffee Bean, we just order 2 meal to end up of our dinner.

S.Wine House Salad

Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Sauerkraut

It was very dissapointed their PORK SATAY were out of order when we are reaching there. Hopefully will have chance to try it next time.

Taking this after finish the meal. 
What I can say, the way the guy take of this picture really out of my expectation! Both of us really like of this photo! Thanks guy! (Really appreciate!) :D

Actually we are the last customer who leave from the restaurant. I still remember half an hour ago inside was very crowded and too many people taking dinner when we are reaching.

Found the big mirror when out from restaurant! Hahaha!

Self-shoot before we go home to end our day! :)

Surely, will come back to trying their Hainanese Pork Chop because it look so delicious when we are seeing the table beside us taking that. Of course will not miss out Pork Satay again! Worth to try!


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