Thursday, July 25

Tom, Dick & Harry's Live @ Pavilion

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Having a big big big breakfast before move on to our shopping day on this day! Definitely, the place we are choosing for our breakfast at here is very convenient to us. Click here for the previous post.

Here their menu!

Their breakfast menu is serve daily no matter weekday or weekend.

Here goes on!

Big Breakfast! Totally bigger than my face!
serve with bacon, eggs, chicken sausage, mushroom, baked beans and tomato, toast with butter and 1 more i don't know what is that.

Savory Pan Cakes
 serve with bacon & eggs
Each of the breakfast set come with orange juice and coffee refill. So you can enjoy your coffee with unlimited refill! We are 3 persons here and share together, we also feel full even not finish yet. Surely if you are a girl can't finish the big breakfast as big as the plate! Share it with your friend together will better.


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